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WHO should use hashtags?

YOU! Yes you- and anyone who cares about their posts being read.


WHAT is a #Hashtag?

Let’s go to the Oxford English Dictionary for this one. Yes, ‘hashtag’ is now in the dictionary.

hashtag. noun. (On social media web sites and applications) a word or phrase preceded by a hash and used to identify messages relating to a specific topic; (also the hash symbol itself, when used in this way).

A hashtag is an amazing thing! When you add it to any word you actually create a searchable link.


WHERE to put a hashtag?

1. Anywhere in your message. You can put them in the sentence……

where to put a hashtag

……or at the end.

2. Don’t hashtag the same word more than once.

don't double your hashtags

3. Don’t separate your keywords. If you are writing about a great #actingcoach then keep the words together. If you write #acting #coach it is 2 different and possibly irrelevant keywords. Hashtags are not case sensitive so add capitalization of the different words to make them easier to read. (Ex #ActingCoach)


WHY should I use hashtags?

There are many reasons to use hashtags. Here are a few…

1. To connect with like-minded people. Using #actorslife #setlife or #voiceactor could connect you with many actors just like you. Find hashtags for actors , screenwriters, directors and use them in your posts.

2. Use them to make a recommendation. #MustWatchMovie #GreatMusic

3. Use them to express emotions or opinions #frustrated #surprised #happiness #freakingout

4. Use them to identify places, businesses, events, etc #Disney #NYC #CentralPark #NYU which can also link you to like-minded people.


HOW to use hashtags?

1. Be specific: if you are talking about a new acting class and want to add a hashtag at the end of your tweet using #actingclass or #actingcoach is better than the broader tag #acting


2. #Don’t #go #hashtag #crazy!

Avoid hash tagging every word in your tweet. 1-3 hashtags are best on Twitter if you are using them on Instagramyou can do more. Too many hashtags on Twitter are hard to read and look like spam.


3. Create your own. First search your #Hashtag idea on twitter… If I wanted to create a tip of the day I could #HeidisTipoftheDay (its a little long but we’ll go with it). Twitter has no results for this hashtag so this is a good one to go with.

Next visit a site like twubs.com  and brand your #hashtag. No one owns #hashtags but it is good to see if anyone is using your #hashtag before you try to brand it as your own. On twubs.com you can also set up & host twitterchats around your #hashtag. If you wrote your own play, show or are producing your own youtube videos under a certain name- then registering a #hashtag may be a good idea. Its free and takes a few minutes. You can always send people to your #hashtag and it will show all of your ‘#HeidisTipoftheday’ or ‘#videoposts’ in one long stream. If you create a #hashtag for a piece you have written or produced be sure to include it in your twitter bio so people can search for it.


4. Choose #hashtags that are popular but not too popular. How do you know how popular a #hashtag is? A tool like Rite Tag can help you discover what #hashtags are going to get your post seen.  You can use the search function at RiteTag for free…

As you can see, You can look up #acting and find average retweets, tweets, views, etc per hour.  #Acting is blue which means it is a good tag to use since it is not #overused (RED) or #unused (GREY). You want to use #hashtags that are blue or green to get the most people seeing your posts.

Now you know the Who, What, Where, Why & How of hashtags for actors! Check out Rite Tag- find some #hashtags that will work for YOU! As always, let me know what you discover from your new use of the small but mighty #HASHTAG!



Until soon,


Heidi Dean


“Social media marketing for actors made easy!”


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