Actors, there were a TON of social media changes in 2022. That means it’s time to re-think your old social media strategy for a Happy New Year!

The good news is, not all of the changes have to all be HUGE! Here are 3 small social media switches to help you see BIG results in 2023 for your social media...

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These small simple switches will change the game for your Insta!

Here’s why:

#1 When we start viewing engagement as “communication” (instead of just numbers and symbols on the screen) we start to make our captions conversations. We also start to engage with our audience completely different.

And guess what? We start to get more engagement!

#2 When we start to see our followers as people instead of numbers…You start growing a COMMUNITY! Actual people with actual struggles and hopes and dreams just like you.

FUN SIDE EFFECT HERE: More engagement & a community who tells their friends about you!

#3 When we stop posting everyday just to post (or because some random ‘guru’ you saw on the explore page told you to) and you start posting with purpose…We see more of YOU in your posts!

Plus we avoid burnout from trying to create content every single day. You are an actor! Make sure you protect your time and energy for the things that matter to you most.

Which small switch will you make for your social media in 2023? Let me know in this post on my Instagram right here.

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