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"When we met I was just around 2K followers on Instagram- I just hit 50,000. Plus I never run out of ideas to post anymore and I’m excited about it because they’re all the things I like so much! I haven't had this much fun with social media...like ever. Just wanted to say THANK YOU, Heidi!!"

Shannon Ames

(Voice Actor & DJ)

Amy Russ

"Since meeting Heidi we’ve increased Quincy's Twitter followers and industry connections and her Instagram, has really taken off! Quincy also booked a role in her first feature film that was a direct booking through a director that she networked with on twitter!

Thank you Heidi!! You are the real deal and a game changer!!"

Kenna (Mom of Quincy Saadeh)

"Heidi Dean is an expert at Social Media Marketing for Actors. Her programs are powerful and teach actors how to make a strong professional impact. I highly recommend Heidi to actors around the world who want to be competitive in the industry."

Wendy Alane Wright

(Talent Manager & Top Acting Career Coach)

Brian e Neil

"Heidi's Social Rockstar Challenge is an amazing program to be a part of! Within just the first 2 weeks, I have received more traffic to my social media accounts than ever before and have made A LOT more connections. One of those connections helped me book a stunt gig for an upcoming feature film!! Thank you Heidi!"

"Heidi’s expertise in all things social media was a huge factor in the success of my Off-Broadway play. She knew the best ways to use my Facebook Page and Instagram accounts for posting about the show as well as creating ads that allowed us to achieve our SOLD OUT run. Since she knew exactly how to reach our audience organically we also saved a lot of money. I would want her on my team anytime I am producing work. I am grateful for who she is and what she brings to the table."

Renata Hinrichs

Amy Russ

"My mind is blown! There is so much value jam-packed into Heidi's Social Rockstar Challenge course. From the posting ideas and hashtag shortcuts, to finally understanding how to connect with people I want to know on social media. I am super excited to finally get a solid handle on how to take advantage of social media in an effective and efficient way. If you want to learn how to rock your social media presence, I can't recommend the Challenge highly enough."

"Honestly, I am not a social media person. I am not a selfie person. But I knew that as an actor, if I wanted to really take control of my career and build my audience and brand, then I'd have to do it myself. Heidi helped me ensure that everything I post online would be an honest extension of myself. She gave me amazing in-depth guidance about the best tools and strategies to use to optimize my efforts. I highly recommend her expertise for any actor that really wants to take control of their career."

Cesar Cross

"Heidi Dean is literally ‘the Boss’ when it comes to social media. She is my go-to expert for learning more about what to post, how to post it and fresh ways to increase engagement with followers, fans and beyond. Plus, I can always count on Heidi to be on top of the ever-changing policies on all the social platforms -- so I don’t have to be!"

Tammy Lynn

Publicist/Founder of Spotlight PR Company

Chrystee Pharris

"I don't dread posting anymore. I'm actually excited and inspired to post! AND I don't feel overwhelmed to respond back to people now that I have a schedule of when to do it. I know how important social media is when it comes to being on a show. I was a lead in a TV movie but it didn't matter. They didn't use me as much in the PR for the show because I didn’t have the followers. I learned my lesson. I'm on it now with confidence thanks to you. Thank you so much Heidi."

DaJuan Johnson

"I always thought I was GREAT with social media until I met Heidi and she took my social media game to a whole new level. Within days she gave all my platforms a social media make over that allowed me to post with confidence. And then she did it AGAIN…with her Instagram stories training. Mind. Blown. As long as social media continues to change, I’ll keep coming back to Heidi. She always has the latest and greatest — and super easy tips for keeping it up with social media.”

DaJuan Johnson

Heather Hiatt

"Heidi has completely blown me away! Social media used to feel overwhelming and I had no idea what an incredible tool it could be in my acting career. I am now empowered with what, when, why and how to post, and my network is growing!  I can't recommend Heidi highly enough-- for actors or for anyone who wants to build a following for their business.  It works!!! Thank you Heidi!"

Joseph Narducci

"Heidi transformed the way I view social media in my life. You took me from someone posting for myself alone to someone who was engaging his followers. I now know how to engage my audience in a way that invites interaction and also represents my best self. My followers practically doubled, and my confidence went through the roof. Your daily videos were so clear and the resources you gave out to us all are amazing. Your class has been one of the best investments in my acting career.”

Joseph Narducci Voice Actor

Ben Jacob

"Heidi's has energized my acting career! As a content creator, I am more confident, consistent, and aware of what steps and platforms to dominate for my sketches. Instagram and Youtube have become a part of my acting team and I have even gotten responses already 1 week after her class from casting directors for target shows!"

Dallas Travers

"There is nobody better for social media training than Heidi Dean. Nobody. Plus, you will never meet a kinder human being on planet Earth."

Dallas Travers

Steve Hamm

"The Social Rockstar Challenge you have designed is organized extremely well and is easy to follow and understand. Your detailed insight into each of the social media platforms and how to use them is simply invaluable. My biggest takeaways are knowing what and when to post and using hashtags properly.  I truly appreciate being able to access the classes indefinitely. I know that completing the challenge is only the start of the journey. This will be the building block for a successful social media experience. Many thanks again for all the great tips, insight, and advice. You are truly a social media “Rockstar” for actors."

Steve Hamm

"I have seen growth every week applying what I’ve learned. Heidi helped me redo my YouTube Channel and I was featured by a comedy website! I was also chosen to be one of 16 actors admitted into the UCLA on-camera program….And I credit a lot of what she taught me in terms of presentation. They were looking for actors with some professional polish who want to go to the next level. This stuff works! I am feeling more ready than ever."

Charlie Newell

Praise for Heidi's Social Media Courses for Actors

"InstaActor is the second training I’ve taken with Heidi and I cannot say enough about how the classes have changed the way I view social media. The videos are fun and informative, and Heidi is so personable you feel like you’re just sitting down to coffee with a friend. I constantly remember her words of wisdom as I craft social posts or work on my posting schedule. I send her name to everyone I know, and not only have her classes supported me, but Heidi is constantly cheering me on! InstaActor and the Social Rockstar Challenge are two of the best investments I’ve made as an actor."

Devon Padley

"Heidi’s InstaActor Training was worth the investment and then some. I’ve paid for a couple of other IG trainings that weren’t nearly as personal or specific, and my number of followers tended to just sit stagnant. I’m so glad to be on the right track now. Heidi’s training is full of tips on how to be authentic and personal in growing your Instagram following in a way that will last. She also addresses technical questions on navigating Instagram itself, and is very generous with bonus suggestions for editing apps, taking great pictures and creative story ideas. The best part? She just genuinely cares about us performers. Thank you so much, Heidi!"

Cara Scott

(Actor and Voice Talent)

"I thought I knew a lot about social media and yet something drew me to Heidi’s course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much! She made social media systemized and so that I did a lot of work upfront and saved a ton of time.

She also answered a lot of “next level” questions - about how to do social media when you are a star. When I booked a recurring role on a TV show she showed me the right way to live tweet

Heidi is also just a wonderful person and makes the class very enjoyable. She shows you exactly how to get more followers and make the world a better place. Thank you Heidi!"


Natalie Kim

"If you've ever felt like you have NOTHING to share on social media, the Social Rockstar Challenge will change all of that! Heidi introduced me to so many great ideas and FREE tools for posting! She made it FUN and easy to manage too! Plus there was the added bonus of meeting other actors who were taking the challenge as well."

Jordan Rice

"Taking the InstaActor course was a great decision on my part because the cost of the course is well below the value. The course material is well structured, professionally presented and goes far beyond anything available by any other social media guru. Plus it specifically addresses the needs of ACTORS! Awesome! My only regret about the InstaActor course is that I didn’t take it sooner."

Tommy G. Kendrick , Instagram: @tommygkendrick

"I have seen a significant uptick in followers on both Instagram and Twitter, the two platforms I am focusing on.  I also have a plan for how to still be present on social media when I don't have an acting gig. AND I have a plan about how to grow my business using social media as well."

Rick Calvo

"Heidi helped me grow as an artist and because I learned how to put the 'Me' in my social media it has helped me connect with my followers on a more personal level. Due to the useful advice that Heidi, I now have a fan base with like-minded individuals, and the numbers only keep growing."

"I wanted to send a heartfelt "Thank You" on everything you provided for me in the Social Rockstar Challenge.  Your step by step guide is a lifesaver of massive proportions and I never have to worry again on what to do or how to do it.  My platforms are now effective tools in my Actor's Toolbox!  I never felt that way before. Thank you so much Heidi!"

Kahlid Elijah Tapia

Deloris Akins

"I'm now able to look at my social media with a whole different mindset. I’ve realized there is actually a system to the madness (lol).  Before Heidi, I had no clue what to post on social media. But thanks to Heidi I am super clear now!"

Deloris Akins

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