You’ve worked so hard, for so long, on your web series. You’ve created a website and have  just launched the teaser trailer on YouTube but...

...all you hear is...crickets.

In the busy world of social media even the most amazing content is going to need a little help to get discovered. Here are 7 ways to use social media to get more eyes on your web series.

Find out where your audience hangs out!

Who is the audience for your web series? What age and gender are they? Do they use their phone or desktop for social media? You want to spread the word about your web series where they hang out. Are they more likely to spend their time on Snapchat? Twitter? Instagram? Having a clear understanding of who and where your audience is determines which platforms will help you reach them.

Create an awesome Channel Trailer for your YouTube channel!

A channel trailer is the video that plays for anybody visiting your channel who isn’t already a subscriber. It tells new viewers why they should tune in, subscribe and return for next week’s episode. If you keep it short (and you should) you can use this trailer on your other social media platforms.  

Create a memorable #Hashtag for your Web Series

Keep it short, easy to remember and double check to see if anyone is actively using it.  Hashtags are not case sensitive. If your hashtag is more than one word capitalize the #FirstLetterOfEachWord to make it easier to read.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

One of the biggest mistakes novice creators make on social media is they only share stills and video from their projects. Your fans are interested in what happens off-camera too. Give them a backstage pass to meet the cast and see what happens behind the scenes. This gives them another reason to follow you and creates a more meaningful relationship with your fans.

Create a Twitter profile for your main character

Do you have a funny or interesting character in your web series? Why not create a Twitter page where fans can talk directly to them. Make them come alive beyond the YouTube channel. This character can also help cross promote tweets from your web series page.

Reach out to Influencers

Are there themes or topics in your web series that people are talking about? Maybe….Autism awareness, women’s rights, food intolerances, or LGBTQ rights? Use Twitter to find influencers who are passionate about these topics and build relationships with them. One shared tweet or post from a major influencer can bring a lot of traffic and new followers your way.

Build your Audience before you need it!

Most creators spend all their time creating content and no time building an audience for that content. The good news is the audience for your web series is on Twitter and you can quickly grow a following to help spread the word about your content. Identify 10 Twitter accounts that have the same audience as your web series and start engaging with their followers everyday. You can follow them, like their posts or comment on interesting tweets. By committing to this process for 5-10 minutes a day you will quickly and organically grow an audience for your web series.

Want help getting more eyes on your content? Then "You Created It, Now What?" can help get more eyes on it using press and social media. This class will breeze you through all the confusing (but-oh-so-necessary) PR stuff so you can start growing your channel Faster! 


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    • Heidi Dean

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