Congratulations! You created your own content!

Creating your own work can open exciting new doors for your career!

But…without a plan to promote it, no one may ever see it.

Instead of watching your hard work die a slow, agonizing death...

...what if a seasoned entertainment publicist and an expert social media strategist could help you put butts in the seats?

And what if it was super affordable?


Your step-by-step roadmap to use PRESS and SOCIAL MEDIA to attract an audience, build buzz, and create devoted fans for your project.

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...the creator who's ready to get big results!

'You Created It...Now What?' isn't marketing theory.

It's something much more interesting and exciting.

It’s a game plan with pro strategies you can use to get the attention your content deserves using press and social media.

'You Created It...Now What?' is designed to help creators launch BIG DREAMS and get traction now.


Heidi’s expertise in all things social media was a huge factor in the success of my Off-Broadway play. She knew the best ways to use my Facebook Page and Instagram accounts for posting about the show as well as creating ads that allowed us to achieve our SOLD OUT run. Since she knew exactly how to reach our audience organically we also saved a lot of money. I would want her on my team anytime I am producing work. I am grateful for who she is and what she brings to the table.

Renata Hinrichs


Social Media Strategist Heidi Dean

Heidi Dean is the industry’s top social media expert for actors. She’s a social media writer for Backstage Magazine and a frequent speaker at film festivals, conferences, SAG-AFTRA foundation panels, podcasts and universities across America.

Heidi was a proud member of SAG-AFTRA & AEA and a working professional actor for over 20 years. Now she combines her years of industry experience with cutting edge social media strategy to help actors, filmmakers and content creators open more doors for their careers.

Her clients include Emmy Award-winners, Broadway stars, recording artists, directors, producers, and filmmakers. Heidi turns social media rookies into ROCKSTARS!

Entertainment Publicist Tammy Lynn

Tammy Lynn is an entertainment publicist with a proven track record for landing press. As the founder of Spotlight PR Company, she works with actors, filmmakers and content creators on small, independent projects to the biggest titles in film, television and digital platforms.

Tammy has taught PR classes, written articles and participated in panels for organizations, including SAG Foundation, ScriptMag, Dallas Travers’ Thriving Artists Circle, The Collaborative, MarkIT Indie and currently as an Expert Contributor to BackStage.

For over 20-years, Tammy has helped artists grab press attention and build buzz for their projects and careers!

For anybody needing to promote themselves this course is the perfect place to start! Tammy gives you great insight into the media's point of view and what they will be looking for, where and how to reach them, and even gives suggestions for how to pitch your story to the media! While Heidi gives invaluable tips for finding your audience on Social Media and getting them engaged. They are extremely helpful and enthusiastic coaches to have in your corner. A great resource to always refer back to!

Stephanie Stern - writer/creator of Double Jack Series Stephanie Stern - writer/creator of Double Jack Series
and Christi Mays - PR/Marketing of Double Jack Series


'You Created It, Now What?' isn't a sit-at-your-computer-and-take-notes-'til-your-hand-falls-off-kinda-class.

It’s a sit-down-hit-play-and-do-the-work-while-you-watch-so-you-get-more-eyes-on-your-content-right-away-kinda-class.

You get access to the step-by-step, online video training in 'You Created It, Now What?' right away. But if you can't start right away, no biggie. Start when you like and go at your own pace. You've got lifetime access. The class will always be there for you to refer to.

Tammy starts with the PR STRATEGIES you need to get more eyes on your content...


The best times to contact the Press!

You get Tammy’s strategic timeframe for getting press during the production, pre-release and premiere phases of your project. You’ll learn about industry trades announcements, crowdfunding coverage and how to attract reporters with on-set visits. Plus, she tells you how to avoid killing your chances for press by making a rookie mistake and the easiest way to entice a reporter into covering your project, now!


How to get reporters interested in your project!

Find out how to ‘hook’ reporters by being relevant, showcasing your human side - even using your hometown connection. You’ll learn how you can grab attention with exclusive stories, celebrity involvement and piggy-backing on other stories. And, to set you up for success, Tammy pinpoints all the materials you’ll need to promote your project and make a reporter’s job easy.



Choosing the right Press outlets for YOUR content!

To land press you need a laser-like focus on exactly who you should be targeting. You'll learn how to build a solid press list, starting with your ‘best bets’ and how to target by genre, subject matter, key tie-in’s, dream outlets, topical news, even some low-hanging fruit. Plus, you'll learn the smartest way to find and contact them so you never miss a press opportunity.

Then Heidi covers the pro SOCIAL MEDIA strategies you need to get more eyes on your content...


The secret formula for growing a targeted, engaged audience!

Heidi shows you how to maximize your social media by using the F.A.N.S. formula to grow a targeted, engaged fanbase for your content. You’ll learn to optimize your first impression, define and find your audience, and turn them into new followers.


WHAT TO POST on social media to build buzz for your project!

You'll learn how a posting strategy for your content relieves your stress about WHAT to post and how creating awesome, shareable content is a great way to grow your following with little to no effort. 

You’ll even get a CHEATSHEET with tons of examples of shareable posts for your next premiere, crowdfunding campaign, web series or opening night. 


The stealthy Social Media Strategy that guarantees an interested audience for your project!

Learn savvy strategies to create simple, inexpensive ads that help you put 'butts in the seats.'

Grab your spot!

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'You Created It, Now What?' comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Take 7 full days to try it out. Kick the tires, take it for a spin. If you decide it's not for you, we'll give you your money back - no questions asked. Yup. Not only is this program an awesome value, it’s RISK FREE.

What folks are saying about Heidi & Tammy...

  • Tammy was instrumental in guiding me through how to promote some of the most exciting news in my career. Not just how to get attention, but how to be professional and respectful of the process in delivering the news to the outlets and striving for the right outlets that would best help my career in delivering the news! Tammy was patient, understanding, honest, excited to work with me and I look forward to working with her again very soon!
    Jim Klock Actor/Producer/Filmmaker
  • Heidi Dean is an expert at Social Media Marketing. Her programs are powerful and teach you how to make a strong professional impact. I highly recommend Heidi to actors around the world who want to be competitive in the industry.
    Wendy Alane Wright Talent Manager & Acting Career Coach
  • I have seen growth every week applying what I’ve learned from Heidi. She helped me redo my YouTube Channel and I was featured by a comedy website! This stuff works! I am feeling more ready than ever.
    Charlie Newell
  • Heidi’s class energized my acting career! As a content creator, I am more confident, consistent, and aware of what steps and platforms to dominate for my sketches. Instagram and Youtube have become a part of my acting team and I have even gotten responses already 1 week after the class from casting directors for target shows!
    Ben Jacob Actor/Content Creator
  • Honestly, I am not a social media person. I am not a selfie person. But I knew if I wanted to really take control of my career and build my audience for my content then I'd have to do it myself. Heidi gave me amazing in-depth guidance about the best tools and strategies to use to optimize my efforts. I highly recommend her expertise for any actor that really wants to take control of their career.
    Cesar Cross

This sounds great, but I've got questions!

Keep reading...we've got answers!

What if I'm only on Facebook? Is this class too advanced for me?

You'll be fine. For my #SocialNewbies I've created introductory videos to help you set up your accounts on Twitter and Instagram™ so you can learn all the basics. You don't need to be tech-savvy to rock this class.

Can’t I just learn this info from blogs & YouTube videos?

Possibly, but it'll take you years of trial and error to sort through and piece it all together (years you could be devoting to content creation). PLUS, most free, online content will tell you WHAT you need to do but not so much HOW and most of it is made for businesses, not creators. No blog or video can give you the tools you need to create a simple, sustainable PR strategy for your content that actually works!

When does class start?

You'll get access to all the step-by-step, online video trainings in 'You Created It, Now What?' right away. But, if you can't start right away don't sweat it. You have lifetime access. You can take it anytime and go as fast or as slow as you like depending on what else is going on in your busy life. The class will always be there for you to refer to.

Will the class help me promote my one-person show or is it more for film, web series and tv projects?

This class will definitely help you spread the word about your one-person show. Throughout the course we'll show you examples for both on-camera and live theatrical shows/events. The ADs strategies Heidi will be diving into in the course, are perfect for putting butts in the seats for your next show.

Do I need to have finished content to take the class?

No. If your content is finished you CAN start promoting it right away with the strategies you'll learn in class, but if you're still in development don't worry. This class is still for you. PLUS, it's wise to start defining and building your audience BEFORE your content is finished. We'll show you how in class.

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