TikTok can be an amazing platform for actors to share their acting talents, special skills and grow a fanbase for their acting career. Whether you’re an actor completely new to TikTok or you’ve been on TikTok posting without purpose – this is for you!

Here are 5 steps actors can take today to set-up your TikTok for success!

STEP #1: Hop in the TikTok app and start watching videos.

It sounds simple but TikTok is not like your Instagram feed posts, Twitter or Facebook. If you re-post that content it will NOT do well. Watching TikTok videos will help you understand the culture of the app. You’ll see what types of vertical content you can create and what’s trending. You can also start figuring out how comments, likes and shares work on the platform while watching other people’s videos!

STEP #2: Get specific about the content you want to create.

The TikTok algorithm is AMAZING at finding your audience for you – but ONLY if we’re specific about who that audience is! The problem is most actor’s accounts lack focus and they try to create content that appeals to everyone instead of who they want to attract. 

IMPORTANT: If you’re creating content for everyone, it won’t appeal to anyone. 

The more specific actors get on TikTok, the easier it is for the algorithm to understand who their content is for and the faster you’ll grow. 

Try these 3 things to getting more specific with your TikTok account:

(or a combination of the 3)

And YES! Just like Youtube, an actor’s TikTok doesn’t have to revolve around acting. It can…but it can be anything you’re obsessed about that you could talk about for days. 

Does your account always have to stay focused on this topic, genre or audience? 

Once you grow an engaged audience of 200K…500K….1 million (YES! It’s very possible on TikTok) feel free to broaden out what you post about. But not until you have an audience. 

Already creating on TikTok and getting views but not followers? Get more specific about the topic, genre or audience you want to attract and create content for THEM! 

STEP #3: Optimize your TikTok profile for views and followers

Once you’ve decided on a focus for your TikTok (or at least one to start with) make sure your profile is a reflection of that.

For example, if you’ve decided since you’re a voice actor and you’re going to create specific content around that topic, does your bio contain that keyword, projects that you’ve voiced to add credibility and does your name (or even username) contain a keyword that ties in to your focus like this:

(Follow @AlicynPackard – Her content is awesome!)

This will help your account come up in search when people look up that topic and will tell the TikTok algorithm what your account is about.

Want TONS of examples of how you can get specific with your account + my help with your profile and bio?

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STEP #4: Research other creators (posting about your topic or genre) 

Before you create a post, do some research on TikTok! Go to SEARCH and see what content is ALREADY there and what their audience is responding to. 

Take notes on the following 5 things: 

  1. How is the person in the video getting my attention in the first 3 seconds? What are they doing?
  2. What information are they communicating? Is it educational? Inspirational? More for entertainment?
  3. What music and hashtags are they using?
  4. What are people saying in the comments?
  5. What can you do differently or better? What additional perspective/point of view can you bring to the subject/genre that may be missing right now? What didn’t you like about the account? What did you love?

What you’re doing is studying existing content on the app to give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t, so you can start creating your vision as a content creator.

IMPORTANT: Don’t copy these creators, use them for inspiration.

STEP #5: Start creating! 

I know it can be scary and intimidating at first and it may not be a masterpiece. As we say in the Tech Savvy Actor Community:

You don’t have to get it ‘right’, you just have to get it going. 

Just start and stay consistent. That’s the number one key to success on TikTok. Make a few videos, edit, add text, effects, etc. You can save them into your drafts so they’re ready to post. I promise it’ll get easier and faster with practice. You’re not going for an A+ on the first try.

Progress over perfection!

If you’re still wondering…

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-HOW do I post? (And how do all the buttons work on TikTok?)

-How to GROW my TikTok account?

-And how do I get help with my bio and profile? 

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