Your feeds from friends and family are great for staying in touch. But, the problem is they probably don’t inspire you to create awesome posts, right?

Sorry, Mom. 

The solution is to create what I call an “Inspiration Station” where you take ideas from the accounts and people you admire on social. Then make them your own. This ‘Inspiration Station’ will make sure you always know what to post on social media. 

Francis Ford Coppola says:

That’s how you’ll use your Inspiration Station. Emulating the fresh ideas of others who are rockin’ their social media will help you discover your unique style and help you out when you’re stuck and don’t know what to post!

So (in the words of Mr. Coppola)….Who should you “steal” from?

Start with your heroes, the people who inspire you and the people/accounts who love the things you love. 

STEP #1 is to go find some inspiring accounts!

Here are some examples:

If you’re into fitness then maybe @christinedwyer will inspire you:

fitness inspiration


If you’re a dog lover then maybe @Campingwithdogs will work for you:

inspiring dog accounts


Need some inspiration for your #actorslife? Find Actors who are rockin’ their social media and add them to your station:

social media for actors


Or, if you’re the mom of a Child actor, check out one of my Social Rockstars, Quincy Grace who’s doing an amazing job...


**The important thing is, don’t just choose one account for inspiration, choose many!**

Once you have these accounts written down, you need to create your Inspiration Station on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook so you’ll always know what to post!  

Here’s how...


Let’s start with Twitter:

Find the list feature and click “create new list.” 

Give it a name (ex: Inspiration Station) and make the list private so only you can see it. Then add the accounts that inspire you.


The great thing about a Twitter list is, you don’t have to follow them and they don’t need to follow you to be added to your list. And you can always add new inspiring accounts, or remove people who don’t inspire you anymore, whenever you like.

Twitter lists are Uh-mazing. If you want to learn how you can use lists to nurture relationships with the people you already know in the business and connect with the people in the business you want to know, the Social Rockstar Challenge here shows you how.


We can’t set up lists on Instagram,  BUT using their new “Saved Post” feature you CAN set up an Inspiration Station.


You’ll find the saved post feature here.


Click on it and you’ll have two choices “All" your saved posts or “Collections.”


I like to make a collection called (you guessed it) “Inspiration Station” that has all of my inspiring accounts in it.


To add a post in your feed on Instagram to your Inspiration Station all you have to do is click right here on this little bookmark...


It’s that easy!


And, for your Facebook Profile (not your Page), I have a really cool trick. Find a page that inspires you and turn on the "SEE 1st feature".

Here’s how you do it…

First, make sure you ‘LIKE’ the page, then click on “Following” and choose “See 1st!”  

This ensures (that even with the Facebook algorithm) I’ll actually see their content at the top of my feed every time I sign in and be inspired on a regular basis. By doing this, my Facebook feed becomes an Inspiration Station.

Here’s your task (if you choose to accept it)! Spend 30 minutes today setting up your inspiration station for your favorite platforms using ‘Twitter lists’, the ‘Saved Post’ feature on Instagram and the ‘See 1st’ feature on Facebook! You’ll be glad you did!


And next time you’re frustrated because you can’t think of what to post on social media...

social media for actors


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See you on social,

Heidi Dean


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    • Heidi Dean

      Thanks so much Sergio! Best of luck!

    • Sergio Rogalto

      Hi Heidi, I have been following your blog and posts for a while and everything has been very interesting, but this post in particular I think is AMAZING! Thank you so much for all your advice. Im an up an coming Mexican actor, and theses posts really help. So, just wanted to stop bye, say hi and congratulate you. Amazing week start!

      Sergio Rogalto

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