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Social Rockstar Challenge

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You can create a Social Media presence that attracts more auditions and builds real connections with industry professionals. And you can run it in less than 10 minutes a day!

Social Rockstar Challenge


  • It's hard to know what to say on social media because you don't book consistently.
  • You don't know how to connect with people who can hire you.
  • Your only followers are your mom and your crazy Aunt Karen.
  • Social media feels overwhelming AND it changes all the time so it's hard to stay up-to-date.
  • You don't have time to figure it all out.


"Honestly, I am not a social media person. I am not a selfie person. But I knew that as an actor, if I wanted to really take control of my career and build my audience and brand, then I'd have to do it myself. Heidi helped me ensure that everything I post online would be an honest extension of myself. She gave me amazing in-depth guidance about the best tools and strategies to use to optimize my efforts. I highly recommend her expertise for any actor that really wants to take control of their career."


My 21-Day Social Rockstar Challenge removes all of the hurdles you face on social media for your #Actorslife. This proven system helps you….

  • Always know what to post (even when you don't have a gig!)
  • Bring in more auditions, meetings and connections!
  • Become known and trusted by industry decision makers!
  • Build a real following of people who care about your projects!
  • Stop spinning your wheels, wasting time and do it all in less than 10 minutes a day!


I'm Heidi Dean and I used to hate social media.

No joke! This emoji-loving, regramming #TwitterAddict used to think social media was a waste of time. I thought hashtags were silly and I didn't see how it could help anyone's professional career.

Fast forward 7 years…

I'm the industry’s top social media expert for actors, an Expert writer for Backstage and the founder of Marketing4Actors. I've seen firsthand how social media can skyrocket your career.  I’ve built followings, created strategies and run social media accounts for Broadway Stars, Emmy Award-winners,  musicians, directors, producers, filmmakers and actors just like you.

I hang out on social media all day (it's my job!) and I hate seeing actors making the same mistakes I did when I first started on social.

I created The Social Rockstar Challenge to teach you how to use the power of social media to open more doors for your acting career.

Sheila started her social from scratch! Here's what happened...

I literally didn't even know what Twitter was before meeting Heidi. She helped me create a brand that was professional but also true to myself.  I started with about 20 followers. Now, I'm nearing 5,000 on Twitter and 8,000 on Instagram and it just keeps on growing! I can't thank her enough for her fantastic, simple approach to social media!

From Social Media Rookie to Rockstar in just 21 Days!




Brian e Neil

"The Social Rockstar Challenge is an amazing program to be a part of! Within just the first 2 weeks, I have received more traffic to my social media accounts than ever before and have made A LOT more connections. One of those connections helped me book a stunt gig for an upcoming feature film!! This is a challenge you don’t want to miss!!"

Philip Hernandez

"Technology is not my friend. It has always been frustrating and social media was definitely confusing until Heidi talked me into getting on Twitter and Instagram. The past year and a half have been amazing! I have completely embraced social media and, as a result, I've booked much more work and grown a real, engaged audience of over 50,000! I could never have done it without Heidi!"

Amy Russ

"My mind is blown! There is so much value jam-packed into this course. From the posting ideas and hashtag shortcuts, to finally understanding how to connect with people I want to know on social media. I am super excited to finally get a solid handle on how to take advantage of social media in an effective and efficient way. If you want to learn how to rock your social media presence, I can't recommend the Challenge highly enough."



Make a Strong 1st Impression!

You only have 2 seconds to make a first impression on social. Spark their interest or you won't get a second chance. But no worries, I've got your back! In WEEK 1 we'll...

  • Pinpoint the unique rockstar qualities that make you different from every other actor!
  • Identify the best social media platforms for your goals and #actorslife so you don't have to be everywhere!
  • Write original bios tailored to each platform that automatically attract more followers!
  • Design rockstar header photos that build your fanbase (no design experience needed...I promise)!
  • Create a social schedule so you can stop wasting time and easily reach your goals!

Always know what to post!

(even when you don't have a gig!)

You'll post with Rockstar confidence on any platform because....

  • You'll know exactly what to post when you’ve #bookedit! I share 30 posting ideas that take you from the initial #Audition to the #ThrowbackThursday post 2 years later.
  • You won't wonder what to post between bookings because you’ll have 35 MORE posting ideas to carry you through.
  • I give you my Social Media Icebreakers guide with 400+ fun questions to ask your followers that break the ice and get them talking!
  • I show you how to use hashtags the RIGHT way on Twitter and Instagram to grow your following and attract the people you want to know. Plus you get my Hashtag Guide for Actors with 100+ hashtags specific to the industry.
  • I'll teach you how to create the ‘Perfect Post’ on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat that will get shares and likes!
  • You'll learn the secrets of successful Live Tweeting. I’ll give you the 10 Pro Tips to Live Tweeting like a Rockstar.
  • You'll know my savvy social strategies for finding more auditions, getting direct offers and even landing representation thanks to the power of social media!

Connect directly with the people who can hire you.

Social media is an amazing tool for networking and building relationships with directors, writers, casting directors, producers and actors you’d never have access to offline….IF you know how to use it correctly. WEEK 3 explores...

  • What NOT to do on social media, and why (If you get this wrong you could be blocked or unfollowed)
  • How to maintain “top-of-mind” awareness with the people you already know in the business. More connections = more auditions = more jobs!
  • How to stand out from all the noise on social media and get noticed by the people you want to work with.
  • The Social Media Timesavers you can’t live without (these save me countless hours every week)!
  • How to systematically apply everything I teach so you can rock your social media in less than 10 minutes every day (Yup… read that right) so you have more time to do what you love…. ACT!

And, as social media changes, you'll stay current because you get lifetime access to updates to the Social Rockstar Challenge.


BONUS Webclass: Followers in 5!

To increase your visibility, influence, castability and reputation, you must build a strong audience. My proven ‘Followers in 5’ strategy teaches you the 5 BEST strategies on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat (that’s 25 total strategies!) to grow an audience for your career! It's not a ‘get followers fast’ scheme. It’s a strategic process to attract the RIGHT people.

BONUS: Intro to Social Media Series!

If you don't know the basics you can’t implement a successful Social media strategy! My (4-Video) Intro to Social Media Series takes you from sign up to set-up on Twitter, Instagram (including InstaStories), Snapchat and Facebook! This BONUS gives you the foundation you need to totally rock the challenge!

BONUS: Twitter AND Instagram Lists for 1000+ Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Directors and Filmmakers!

I've created a comprehensive collection of Twitter AND Instagram usernames for over 1000 industry professionals in LA, NY, regionally and internationally! These guides save you tons of time and help you get on the radar of the people you WANT to know!

BONUS GUIDE:  Facebook Groups for Actors!

Facebook groups are a great place to meet like-minded people in the business! But it's really time consuming to sift through them all. I've compiled 180+ Facebook Groups for Actors to make it easy to find fellow actors, directors, even audition listings!

Posting Makeovers Guide!

Ever worry your posts sound pushy or self-promotional? My Social Makeover Guide gives you before and after examples of how you can transform your posts from “look at ME, ME, ME" to WE.


⭐️  3 Weeks of Rockstar Social Media Training for Actors!

Each week is filled with easy to follow step-by-step video lessons, checklists, and worksheets that help you quickly implement everything you’ve learned. Expect to spend 3-4 hours each week (about 15-30 minutes per day) watching the trainings and doing the work.

⭐️  BONUS Webclass: Followers in 5!

Building an audience is one of the BEST ways to take charge of your career! In this bonus, I reveal my ‘Followers in 5 Strategy’ that gives you the 5 BEST audience-building strategies on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat (that’s 25 strategies total)!

⭐️  BONUS: Intro to Social Media Series!

This 4-Video Series takes you from sign-up to set-up on Twitter, Instagram (including InstaStories), Snapchat and Facebook so you’re up to speed and ready to rock the challenge!

⭐️  BONUS: Twitter AND Instagram Lists for 1000+ Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Directors and Filmmakers!

I've created a comprehensive collection of Twitter AND Instagram usernames for over 1000 industry professionals in LA, NY, regionally and internationally! These guides save you tons of time and help you get on the radar of the people you WANT to know!

⭐️  BONUS Guide: Facebook Groups for Actors!

Facebook groups are a great place to meet like-minded people in the business! But it can be really time consuming to sift through them all. I've compiled almost 180+ Facebook Groups for Actors to make it easy to find fellow actors, directors, even audition listings!

⭐️  BONUS: Casting Director Website Guide!

This research guide has over 200 Website/Blog addresses for Casting Directors (NY, LA, regional and international) to jumpstart your research and accelerate your relationship building.

⭐️  FAST ACTION BONUS:  Posting Makeovers Guide!

Ever worried your posts sound pushy or self-promotional? This Posting Makeover Guide gives you before and after examples that show you how to transform your posts from “Look at ME, ME, ME" - to WE. These makeovers are truly ROCKSTAR!



Chrystee Pharris

"Thanks to the challenge I don't dread posting anymore. I'm actually excited and inspired to post! AND I don't feel overwhelmed to respond back to people now that I have a schedule of when to do it. I know how important social media is when it comes to being on a show. I was a lead in a TV movie but it didn't matter. They didn't use me as much in the PR for the show because I didn’t have the followers. I learned my lesson. I'm on it now with confidence thanks to the Challenge. Thank you so much Heidi."

Heather Hiatt

"Heidi’s Social Rockstar Challenge has completely blown me away! Before the challenge, social media felt overwhelming and I had no idea what an incredible tool it could be in my acting career.  Every lesson was filled with tips, tools and secrets, and laid out in bite-sized chunks that even I, as a (prior) social media novice, could wrap my head around.  I am now empowered with what, when, why and how to post, and my network is growing!  I can't recommend this course highly enough-- for actors or for anyone who wants to build a following for their business.  It works!!! Thank you Heidi!"

Quincy Grace

"Since taking the Challenge we’ve increased Quincy's Twitter followers and industry connections and her Instagram, has really taken off! I can't speak highly enough of this course.  But don't take my word for it, take Quincy's 12 year old word for it:

'I'm not going to lie, I thought I knew EVERYTHING about Instagram and how to get people to follow me, notice me, and  help my manager get my name and face out to the right people. Guess what, I don't know everything, and Heidi does. This is the best thing my mom has ever done.' 

Thank you Heidi!! You are the real deal and a game changer!!"


THE 21-DAY SOCIAL ROCKSTAR CHALLENGE comes with a money-back guarantee. You have 10 full days to dive into the Challenge risk free. If you decide this program is not for you, I'll give you your money back - no questions asked. Yep, not only is this program a colossal value, it’s RISK FREE.

The Challenge is PERFECT for YOU if you...

  • Are serious about taking your career to the next level.
  • Wonder if you’re using social to it’s fullest potential. Maybe you’re on it, but it’s not producing results.
  • Realize social media is something you need to learn but don't know where to start.
  • Can't seem to figure out what to post.
  • Feel comfortable with technology or trust your ability to learn what you don’t know.
  • Would love to Rock your social in less than 10 minutes a day!

Do NOT take the Challenge if you...

  • Expect an overnight-success-red-carpet-solution!
  • Hate technology and aren't willing to open your mind to discover its amazing opportunities for your career.
  • You're a dabbler and aren't really willing to do the work it takes to be successful.
  • Prefer to just wait for the phone to ring and hope for the best.
Ben Jacob

"Heidi's Challenge energized my acting career! As a content creator, I am more confident, consistent, and aware of what steps and platforms to dominate for my sketches. Instagram and Youtube have become a part of my acting team and I have even gotten responses already 1 week after the challenge from casting directors for target shows!"

"I have seen growth every week applying what I’ve learned in class. Heidi helped me redo my YouTube Channel and I was featured by a comedy website! I was also chosen to be one of 16 actors admitted into the UCLA on-camera program….And I credit a lot of what she taught me in terms of presentation. They were looking for actors with some professional polish who want to go to the next level. This stuff works! I am feeling more ready than ever."

Charlie Newell

Social Media increases your visibility and helps you stand out in the most crowded business on earth:


So…If you’re TIRED of spinning your wheels on social media and you want a proven system...

feel FRUSTRATED or INVISIBLE because you don’t know what to post...

or you’re DONE with not knowing how to connect with the people who can hire you...

It’s time to take control of your career!




  • Click the BUY button and complete your payment through Paypal or credit card. Super simple.
  • You'll get a confirmation email from me so you know you're #ReadyToRock!
  • I’ll send you an access link to your first video right away.
  • You get acess one week at a time to keep you focused and on-track!
  • 21 Days'll be a Social Rockstar!




What if I'm not on social media yet? Is this challenge too advanced for me?

You'll be just fine.  Many of my students have built all of their social media from scratch. For my #SocialNewbies I've created introductory videos to help you set up your accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. You don't need to be tech-savvy to rock this challenge. If you can turn on your computer I’ll walk you through the system step-by-step. You’ll be set up and using social media the RIGHT way in just three short weeks!

Will I get personal feedback from Heidi?

The Challenge is set-up with checkpoints along the way to check in with Heidi on Twitter and Instagram. She'll be there to cheer you on and offer guidance every step of the way.

Can’t I just learn this info from blogs & YouTube videos?

Maybe, but it'll take years of trial and error to piece it all together. Most free social media content online is made for businesses, not actors and no blog or video will give you the tools you need to create a simple, sustainable social media system for your acting career that actually works!

I just started acting, should I wait until I'm further ahead in my career to work on my social media?

No. In fact, you have a major advantage! Most actors who have been in the business for a while have not been keeping track of their relationships. You can start building and nurturing yours from the beginning! This challenge shows you how to stay in touch with everyone you work with so those relationships can lead to more work.

Do I need to show up live during the course?

Nope. The Challenge is designed to be completed in 21 days, but they don't have to be consecutive. You'll have lifetime access to everything so you can complete it at your own pace anytime.

Want a sneak peak inside the course?


"Heidi has created an amazing, powerful course. If I can do this, you surely can. I was only on Facebook when I started the Challenge and knew NOTHING about the other platforms. This class opened up a whole new world to me, something that I never thought I could understand or enjoy. You are going to love this!"

Nancy Sosnowski

"If you've ever felt like you have NOTHING to share on social media, the Social Rockstar Challenge will change all of that! Heidi introduced me to so many great ideas and FREE tools for posting! She made it FUN and easy to manage too! Plus there was the added bonus of meeting other actors who were taking the challenge as well."

Jordan Rice
Franco Lentini

"Heidi's classes to improve an actors marketing skills are priceless. She has taken the mystery out of Social Media for me and has instilled in me how important this is for an actor's career. Invaluable!!"

Franco Lentini

"Social Media was something I was already doing and enjoying but all the frequent updates created some uncertainty, which led to less use. Heidi helped me get back on track since she stays on top of the most up-to-date social media info.”

Shannon Ames

"The Challenge has opened up my eyes to so many possibilities for my future using social media. It's really insane how dope this course is. I've taken numerous social media courses that cost much more, yet they don't offer nearly as much comprehensive and actionable content. She's blowing away the competition with this one!! Heidi also has such a great way of making things fun simply by having fun herself as she teaches.  I haven't had this much fun with social ever.  Heidi has created something extremely special with this class. Take the #SocialRockstarChallenge for yourself! You will be so happy you did! Rock on Rockstars!!

"Since starting the Challenge I have seen a significant uptick in followers on both Instagram and Twitter, the two platforms I am focusing on.  I also have a plan for how to still be present on social media when I don't have an acting gig. AND I have a plan about how to grow my business using social media as well."

Rick Calvo
stephen mcnamee

"The Challenge truly helped demystify social media for me. It taught me how to market myself online and showed me step-by-step how to network and build relationships with people in the industry I want to know through social media. These are invaluable social media strategies that can help your career!"

"The Social Rockstar Challenge has been an overwhelming journey for me. It helped me grow as an artist and because I learned how to put the 'Me' in my social media it has helped me connect with my followers on a more personal level. Due to the useful advice that Heidi provides in her videos I now have a fan base with like-minded individuals, and the numbers only keep growing."

Deloris Akins

"Since taking the Challenge I'm able to look at my social media with a whole different mindset. I’ve realized there is actually a system to the madness (lol).  Before the class, I had no clue what to post on social media. But thanks to Heidi I am super clear now!"

Deloris Akins