Are you tired of constantly changing your link in your Instagram bio every time you have a new career update, want to cross-promote another social network, or post a new YouTube video? 

I’ve got an awesome new tool that will turn your 1 clickable link in your Instagram bio into multiple links. I show you how it works here…


Let me know in the comments below how you plan to use LinkTree for your Instagram bio! 

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Heidi Dean

    12 replies to "How to Add More Than One Link to Your Instagram Bio"

    • Heidi Dean

      Thanks Jake! I will def take a look!

    • Jake Nackos

      Hey Heidi!! I’d love to throw our hat in the ring 🙂 Our service, LYNX, allows for more customization options than any other service. We feel that this is crucial in the customer journey. Making the landing page cohesive and on-brand makes all the difference when trying to maintain the trust from customers.

      We also offer 50% commissions to any referred users. Commissions get paid every month for as long as the referred customer uses LYNX!

      Check it out at

    • Heidi Dean

      Thanks James!

    • James

      Hey, great post!
      Linktree is good but I started to use because I really like the simplicity of it to be honest.
      Plus I don’t like logging into things with my social media accounts :/ Maybe I should learn to trust more haha!


    • Heidi Dean

      You’re sooooo welcome Chrystee! It’s awesome, right?!?!

    • Anonymous

      And why did I take this long to watch this video! This was so good! Just finished it and was able to put all my #BlackPeopleShit links!!! Soon Excited!!!!! Thanks again! You rock!

    • Bablofil

      Thanks, great article.

    • Heidi Dean

      Thanks Craig! Have an awesome week!

    • Craig

      Another fantastic tip, thanks Heidi. Using it to link to my other social media as well as my website. As usual great work from Marketing4Actors!

    • Anonymous

      This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂

    • Heidi Dean

      It’s awesome, right Erin?!?! You’re very welcome!

    • Erin Elizabeth Burns

      This is my FAV tip so far! Thank you for staying on top of the industry and always sharing your knowledge 😉

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