BREAKING NEWS: Lots of actors don’t like talking about themselves. If you’re one of them you’ll probably stress about writing an ‘About me’ page for your actor website. 

Instead of just inserting a program bio from your last show and calling it a day (bad idea) here’s how to write an ‘About me’ page that makes visitors want to opt-in for your mailing list or follow you on your favorite social network.

Basic Guidelines

It’s about them. Not you.

Surprise! Your ‘About Me’ page isn’t about you. It’s about your relationship with the visitor! When people come to your site they’re wondering if the two of you will get along. They’re wondering if they’ll like your work, if they can believe in what you’re doing and if your story and work are interesting enough for them to support. It’s your job to help them decide.

Create an emotional connection with your visitors.

Write in first person and keep it conversational. It needs to be in your voice. Not sure if it sounds like you? Read the page out loud before you hit ‘PUBLISH’ and change anything that doesn’t sound like you’re talking to them. Make your reader feel like they know you & want to know MORE!

And keep your paragraphs short. It’s easy to lose interest reading large blocks of text. 

Be memorable…. NEVER boring.

“Easier said than done,” you say? Don’t worry. Keep reading and I’ll show you how. 

6 Things you can include on your ABOUT ME PAGE:

1. Who are you and why should we care? 

Let’s brainstorm a little. Answering these questions will help your reader get to know you: 

-What is the one thing people remember about you as an actor? If someone wrote a review about you or if your name came up at a party what would people say? (Ex: YOUR NAME does hysterically funny improv comedy!) 

-What type of roles are you most castable as? Are you the sophisticated leading lady? The witty sidekick? The loveable dad? Do you make people laugh? Cry? Think? Question?

-Describe the experience a fan will get from your work…. Your readers need to be able to imagine you in your movie or your show from this description. This can be taken from a review of a show you were in. (Ex: “I’m drawn to roles full of action and intrigue. I love exploring a character’s reality and depth by creating a vivid interior life for them. I want the audience to feel as if they know this person and can recognize themselves in them.”

-What are you passionate about? People love to support a good cause! Are you on a mission to bring awareness to a cause or subject? 

2. Your Bio

Include some of your major acting achievements. Don’t be afraid to showcase your sense of humor.  If you’re writing this in 1st person (you should be) also link to a traditional 3rd person bio for press releases.

3. Personality

Include some info about you as a human, not just an actor. Something we can connect to like…

-Where are you from? 

-What do you like to do in your spare time? (Hobbies or favorite pastimes)

-Interesting places you’ve lived. Where do you live now?

-Are you married? Have kids? Pets?

-What’s your favorite color, food, sport, sports team or pastime? 

-Any special talents or interesting facts you’d like to share. 

4. Social Proof (Reviews!) 

What have others said about you as an actor? Include quotes from reviews, video testimonials or embed positive reviews from social media posts. 

5. Call to action

Include a CALL TO ACTION for them to follow you on your journey. This can be an opt-in for a mailing list or an invite to follow you on your favorite social network. 

6. Links to your other marketing materials: Resume, headshots, and production stills (unless they’re on a separate tab of your actor website).

There you have it!  Now that you have the tools to create an AWESOME ‘About me’ page let’s talk about what to put on the rest of your actor website. This video will help

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