Actors… Does your twitter header look like this?


twitter blue header


Your social media headers should show casting directors, agents or directors who you are! Are you the sensitive boy next door or the confident business man? Decide and make sure the headshot you choose for your profile picture and the header images you create reflect that type. This blue box above, an ocean scene or a field of flowers does nothing for you! Create an image- it will become your brand and use it for all your social media accounts.

So you’ve thought about your type and you’ve chosen the perfect picture but you’ve realized Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all have their own idea of the perfect sized photo.

What do you do?

Well… if you are a little more tech savvy you can always use good ole’ Photoshop to create your social media header images. If you don’t have Photoshop check out my personal favorite Pixlr (which is pretty much free photoshop online). At the bottom of this blog I’ve also included the sizes of photos required for all major platforms if you are going the complete DIY route.

For everyone else… here are 3 tools that will help you create beautiful social media headers & profile photos and will even re-size your images for your posts no matter what platform you are on (with NO photo editing experience needed).



Fotor will help you make beautiful images for FREE for Facebook covers, Twitter headers, or YouTube channel art!

. for social media headers


The images created are beautiful! Check it out!





Even if you have no photo editing experience PicMonkey is super simple to use. The basic version is free and has tons of cool features. If you wanted to upgrade to the premium version it is only like $33/yr which is super cheap! It’s functional and fun all at the same time. You can even turn pictures of yourself into vampires, zombies or comic books! Imagine the possibilities for your header pictures!


Social Image Resizer

This cool tool is made by….




It is a completely free online image editing tool! You can easily convert any image into a favicon, a Facebook or Twitter profile or banner. You can also use it to crop/re-size images for numerous social media platforms.


You MUST have a professional looking actor profile on social media and these tools will help! Give your headers/cover photos and social media images a makeover! Send me a link to your new pictures in the comments below. I can’t wait to see what you’ve created!



Until soon,

Heidi Dean


P.S. If you want even more guidance with your social media headers this should help….




“Social media marketing for actors made easy!”


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