I’ve said it before:  Twitter is like a huge party! Unless you’re a big star you must introduce yourself to make friends and have a good time!


join the party on twitter


...have you ever wanted to unfollow people because you're just not that into them anymore?  What happens when you introduce yourself to someone and the next day, or 2 months later, you find out you don't have as much in common as you thought? OR you really don't like what they are saying?? OR all they do is talk about themselves???  

Click that little button  unfollow button& UNFOLLOW them!

Its ok to unfollow

I know many of you realize it's easy to unfollow people. However, when I work with clients they'll sometimes tell me they hate twitter because they have to read posts from people they don't care about. It doesn't have to be that way! If that person didn't follow you back, has nothing to add to your conversation and is not an essential part of your acting career marketing strategy then UNFOLLOW them. We're not on Facebook- no one will cry because they got unfriended.  You're just excusing yourself to get a beverage and mingle elsewhere.

no worries

The other thing I see a lot is people stuck following approximately 2000 people. I'll get Direct Messages saying "I love your blog and I'll follow you as soon as twitter let's me." Now I know why they're stuck at 2000- Twitter follow rules! But it doesn't have to be that way! Now there is good news! Twitter released this...

This is great for those of you who are following around 2000 people (with less following back) and twitter won't let you meet new people! HOWEVER, as you network and follow up to 5000 people be sure to....


clean up your twitter for actors


Every once in a while do a little housecleaning and unfollow those people who are just taking up space in your feed and not engaging with you! I am not condoning mass unfollowing techniques. You know... those people who follow 1000 people in 1 day and then unfollow everyone else the next day who didn't follow back! Just a little clean-up to help unclutter the craziness of twitter.  If you haven't already, join he party on twitter! Engage! Network! Hit that follow button and meet some new people! AND if you've perhaps hit that button one too many times do a little cleaning!   

While you are cleaning up- clean up your twitter profile as well! I show you HERE how to create a profile on twitter for actors !  

I'll be cleaning up my twitter account thanks to this... https://marketing4actors.com/clean-up-your-twitter-for-actors/ Share on X 

Until soon, 


Heidi Dean

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