TikTok Tutorial For Actors

Lately my direct messages look like this... ...So, I made something special for you! ūüéĀ A free step-by-step TikTok Tutorial for actors that shows you how everything works (and some secrets the cool kids won't share).  FYI, TikTok is the

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THIS can ruin your acting career

You work hard making sure your headshot, resume and social media platforms are clear expressions of your actor brand. But one thing can easily destroy it and ruin your acting career... Your reputation. This video shows

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30 Social Media Posts For Actors

Tired of staring at your phone wondering ‚ÄúWhat the heck do I post on social media!?‚ÄĚ Well, don't worry. I‚Äôve got your back! This week's video gives you 30 great post ideas (specifically for actors) that you

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