Last week an actor looked at me and said “I can’t seem to find any auditions.”

I was a little confused & asked “Where are you looking?”

They replied “I’ve posted my pictures and resume on my Facebook and Twitter but no one is calling me for any auditions.”


No one is going to discover you as an actor if you are sitting at home waiting.  Don’t think social media will do the work for you- The life of a Twitter & Facebook post are short so you must be ACTIVELY letting the world know about your amazing talents!

Even if you have an agent, instead of waiting for the phone to ring you should be submitting yourself for projects or creating work for yourself.

Where do I find places to self-submit, you ask?

Here’s my short list. If you know other sites be sure to add them in the comments below!

  1. Backstage 

  2. ActorsAccess

  3. Letitcast 

  4. CAZT (LA Actors)

  5. CastingNetworks


    Playbill has a job search in the menu on the left that includes many auditions!

  7. Twitter!

    Yes Twitter! Look up the big casting directors in NY or LA for film/TV or theatre and follow them. Many of them post when they are accepting self-submissions. @Telsey &co just posted about an open call & digital waiting list for the Broadway show Wicked just a few weeks ago.  A month before that they posted an open call for 2 roles in a Broadway bound musical. Use the Twitter Advanced Search feature to find these casting directors pages or look up “casting”, “casting calls”, “submissions” and see what comes up.

  8. Facebook!

    Yes Facebook! More specifically Facebook groups. I know what you’re thinking “Facebook groups are so 5 years ago.” Facebook groups are not dead. I promise! I’ll show you…


Go to facebook  & click on the facebook icon in the top left to bring up the SEARCH feature. Type in Actors… This is what came up for me in 2 seconds….


Much MUCH more came up when I searched for acting, film actors, theatre actors, Latino actors….get my point.

Let’s just take this group as an example “Actors, filmmakers, & job postings” with over 41,000 members. Tons of casting notices for both union and nonunion actors for TV, film and voiceovers.



I found other groups that allowed you to post your headshots or information about your current projects or website.

I’m not saying that if you join a facebook group that you will have a pilot in a month but I am saying you will be actively putting yourself out the so you can be discovered.

So try self submitting yourself and looking for auditions at the sites above. Be your own agent- the best part is you can pay yourself the 10% commission!


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Until soon,


Heidi Dean



“Social media marketing for actors made easy!”

    4 replies to "Be Your Own Agent!"

    • Heidi Dean

      Thanks for the info Sharona! I will be updating the article soon enough and will look into these! Thanks again!

    • Sharona

      I will also add this sites advertise jobs going worldwide but with emphasis on UK and Australia.

      If you are 0-18years and in the U.K. A very good site is they post casting jobs daily. They also have a sister company for 18+ and a different sister company for film/theatre crew.

      I recommend these two site highly. My son has been on the books of 4 agencies, for a year. Two of them managed to send him to one casting, the other two, not to a single one! Yet, he has been a busy be Thanks to StarNow and kidsccp!

    • marketing4actors

      Also check out or their twitter @NYCastings -Heidi

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