I don’t know about you… but I am really excited for 2017! It’s gonna kick 2016’s butt! I can say that with confidence because I did GREAT in my YEAR END REVIEW! If you’ve ever worked for a corporation, you know what a yearly review is. I took a good look at my most influential moments of the past year….

….good, bad, terrible, silly, inspiring…

and based next year’s goals on this year’s hits and misses. Unfortunately, actors forget they are, in fact, a business and rarely, if ever, do a year-end review! 

So…. to help you truly ROCK 2017…. I put together a YEAR END ACTOR REVIEW for you! So grab a cup of coffee, do your own review and set some awesome goals for 2017!




Need a little more help sticking to your big goals this year for your #actorslife???

Here's an AWESOME exercise from The Mindset Guy (DaJuan Johnson) that will help keep you on track in 2017! 

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.   Heidi Dean



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    • Rod c smith

      2016 is a great year to learn from now it’s onward and upward for 2017 still growing and learning as much as I can, to vastly improve my capabilities to learn more latest trends. And tips a must for me

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