A professional-looking website for your content says you’re a professional content creator. It’s important if you’re trying to get your film into festivals or if your trying to get your in-person show produced in a new venue. 

Now that it’s super easy to create one without tech knowledge or investment, there’s really no excuse not to. Here are 10 website “must haves” for your film, web series or show:

A Trailer or Short Teaser

You’re a content creator. Show us some content! If you’re still in development, or haven’t officially opened, some behind-the-scenes footage or interviews with you or members of your team can get people excited about your project. 

Contact Information

You’d be surprised how often this is missing. You can use an email address or a contact form. If you use a contact form as your only means of contact, check it often to make sure you’re receiving messages. You’d be surprised what the latest ‘Wordpress Update’ can do to a contact form. A Google Voice number is an alternative to having your personal phone number on your site. It’s free and allows you to receive voicemails directly on your cell phone. 

Still images 

You need still images on your site ready for press and film festivals. Great production stills are important at every step of the promotional process. Make sure they’re easy to download and include a few high resolution photos (for print). It’s also a great idea to hire a professional photographer to be on set or at a dress rehearsal for your show. 

A Brief Description of your Content

Keep it short. It’s purpose is to get someone excited about your project. It’s a teaser not a plot summary. Pique their interest. Identify the premise, conflict or key themes without giving away too much. 

Who’s Who!

Short bios (and possibly photos) about your main cast and/or crew. You can also include social media handles so fans can connect with the key players in your show/film.  

Social Media Links

Make sure you include links to the social media platforms for your content or for YOUR accounts as a creator. Even though your website template may include links for all the major platforms focus on the ones you’re proud of and actively using. Your social media is part of the first impression for your content. Don’t send them to Pinterest if you haven’t even uploaded a profile photo. 

Recent Updates/News/Awards

Tell us about upcoming performances, events, screenings or distribution news! Share positive reviews from press articles or social media. Feel like you don’t have anything to share? Set ‘Google Alerts’ for all your key actors and crew- if they’re celebrating a big win in their career celebrate their achievements as well! 

Where to Watch or Buy Tickets

Make sure there’s an easy to find link to buy tickets to your show, screening or VOD purchasing information.  

Mailing List

As you get press and your social media audience grows, you’re likely to get more traffic to your site. Make sure you have a way to capture email addresses so you can stay in touch about this (and future) project(s). There are lots of options. MailChimp is a great starter email software- and it’s free for your first 2000 subscribers.

Add a Pixel

Lastly…if you have a website, and you’re on social media, make sure you add a PIXEL to your site so you can track everyone who’s interested in your project – that way, when you have a crowdfunding campaign, a premiere or an event for your content, you can utilize cheap retargeting ads to get more butts in the seats. Not sure what a pixel is? I show you how to set it up right here.

Now that the website for your content is set up, let’s get some more eyes on it (using press and social media). This class will show how…


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