when Good hashtags go very bad


Hashtags are one of the best ways to create conversations, follow trends, promote your projects and build your following on Twitter. But hashtags have a dark side. If used incorrectly even good hashtags can go bad.

Here are the 4 biggest hashtag mistakes on Twitter:

Using the Wrong Hashtag!

Before you jump on a trending hashtag, click over to see what it means. It may surprise you!  

A few years back, Entenmann’s innocently used the hashtag #NotGuilty after the Casey Anthony verdict. They received so much criticism that they actually closed down that account. Need to look up a social media acronym or hashtag? TagDef is an awesome tool that gives you definitions for hashtags on Twitter.


Using too many Hashtags!

Avoid hashtagging every word in your tweet. 1-3 hashtags are best on Twitter (save the rest of your hashtags for Instagram). Too many hashtags on Twitter will actually lower your engagement and look like spam.

Remember #don’t #spam #with #hashtags!

Putting hashtags on the wrong words.

If you are writing about a great #ActingCoach then keep the words together. Writing #acting #coach is 2 different and possibly irrelevant keywords. You may be associating yourself with conversations you want nothing to do with.

Not reading your hashtag over (a few times).

After Margaret Thatcher passed away someone started a trend with the hashtag #nowthatcherisdead. Most of Twitter read “#nowthatcherisdead” as “#now that Cher is dead” which of course started another trend of #RIPCher. Cher was actually alive and well (#ThankGoodness).

To promote Susan Boyle’s new album her PR team wanted the hashtag #susanalbumparty to trend on Twitter- and it did! For ALL the wrong reasons.  Read it again and you’ll see why this may be one of the most #EpicHashtagFails of all time. #SusanAlbumParty would have been a much better choice. Hashtags on Twitter are not case sensitive, so capitalize every word in the tag to make it easier to read and to avoid any misinterpretations.

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    • Heidi Dean

      Wonderful John! As always, thanks for reading!

    • JD

      Well stated. I knew about two or thee #;’s not more. But the others were helpful.

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