I get this question ALL.THE.TIME.

YouTube partner ‘verification’ is different from the blue verified checkmark on Twitter or Facebook.

This is a way YouTube verifies that you are a real human and not a spambot. This quick verification process also allows you to use some of YouTube’s more advanced features like uploading your own custom YouTube Thumbnail for your videos (which can help more folks click on your videos). ?

Here’s how you get partner ‘Verified’ on YouTube in 2 minutes:

STEP 1: Go into your Creator Studio on your YouTube Account...

youtube for actors

STEP 2: Click into Channel> Status and Features

Then hit that blue 'Verify' button to start the process.

Youtube for actors

STEP 3: Verify you are a human (via text or phone call):

youtube for actors

STEP 4: Type in the Code Google sends you via text or voicemail

STEP 5: Woo hoo! You did it!

youtube for actors

STEP 6: Now your Channel Settings should look like this! 

youtube for actors

Congrats your account is now verified and you can take advantage of some new awesome features from YouTube. 

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