1.  A personal photo!

If you have a headshot this is probably your best bet! Usually a happier, commercial shot works best for actors. Why? I had a DM conversation with an actor the other day with a serious photo (and I am talking serial killer serious). It started to freak me out and I even started to read their replies in an angry way. Remember twitter is a place for conversations and all they have is your photo to go on.  Make sure this picture represents YOU & your personality! Avoid…

2. A link to your website.

If you don’t have a website yet link to your IMDB, Facebook (if a professional account) or Actors Access Account.


3. A short easy to remember name.

Kim1k75098v is not memorable. If you are new to twitter then someone may have your name. Try @Iam + ‘your name’ or @’your name’ + your favorite number.  Get creative! Being a little silly is fine but remember to stay professional.


4.  A targeted bio

-Make sure you say you are an actor! Sounds obvious, but many actors leave that part out.  Bios are searchable so make sure you use keywords that help people find you! EX. Actor, singer, actress, writer, voice talent, film actor, AEA or SAG member etc.

-Add a few accomplishments: mom, dad, entrepreneur, or any special talents from your resume that might be intriguing and get someone to follow you.

-Add a fun hobby (but only 1 or 2). Lover of pizza, Star Wars fanatic, etc. Avoid an entire bio made up of fun hobbies. Save that for a personal, not professional account.

If you want more tips on writing an awesome bio read this. 


5. Some tweets, of course! 

Before you find followers make sure you add a few tweets. People will usually check out your page before following you so you want to have posted something. Try a few inspirational quotes, updates about any projects, some RTs from influential actors or acting teachers, etc. The possibilities are endless. We’ll talk about ‘what to tweet’ another day! 

This week try incorporating my 5 Ingredients for a Successful Twitter for Actors into YOUR profile and let me know how it goes in the comments below! AND….. If you want to truly learn how to use twitter to build relationships and create audition opportunities this will help. .


Until Soon!


Heidi Dean


“Social media marketing for actors made easy!”