I’m sure you heard the news that SAG-AFTRA’s strike began last night at midnight PST and picketing begins today. There’s a TON at stake right now for your future (streaming residuals, the use of AI in the industry, wage increases and more!) 

So what can you do? Here are 6 ways to get involved, spread the word and stay busy!

1. Be informed

Are you confused about what projects are OK to audition for or work on? You can download the SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical/Streaming strike order HERE. If you have any questions about covered work email SAGAFTRAstrike@sagaftra.org directly. 

2. Join the Picket Lines!

Are you in LA or NY (or anywhere else where picket lines are happening) join the picket lines! Even if you are non union and want to join in you can. Dress comfy, put on your tennis shoes and show your solidarity 💪  Whether you’re a member of the union or not, this will be a great thing for all actors in the long run. 

Check https://www.sagaftrastrike.org/picket-schedule-locations for picket line locations in your location. 

3. Show your support on Social Media! 

Connect with fellow union members, tell everyone why the strike is important and spread the word to your followers outside the industry. 

Some hashtags to use: 

#SAGAFTRAstrong #SAGAFTRAstrike #1u  #sagaftramembers #sagaftra 

🚨 Very important! You cannot post any film/tv projects (past or present) on social media from ‘struck companies’. That includes sharing your friend’s projects from ‘stuck companies’! It’s considered promotion and violates the terms of the strike. 

4. Volunteer!

SAG-AFTRA will need lots of volunteers for this united movement. Go here to fill out this form if you’re a union member and want to volunteer (it’ll take 2 minutes). 

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. 

The Entertainment Community Fund is offering financial assistance.  You can go to: https://entertainmentcommunity.org/ to find out more info. The Strike is just starting and there will be other forms of assistance available (follow me on Instagram for updates about this. I’m @Marketing4actors).

6. Learn a new skill

Is there something you’ve been putting off for your career? Learn a new accent, a special skill, update your resume, social media or casting profiles so when the strike is over you are ready to go! 

7. Feed your soul!

Go to class, read books, exercise, get outside, spend more time with family/friends or work on your self care. An actor’s life is always busy- take this time to take care of YOU! 💗

See you on the picket lines,