Using your @RealName on social media is ideal…

BUT if you have a common name or didn’t hop on the platform right away, it’s probably not happening.

THIS VIDEO gives you 15 hacks to help you create an easy-to-remember social media username when your name’s taken.

(PLUS I show you an awesome time-saving tool that’ll check if it’s available on all the major platforms!)

social media username for actors


Can't wait to see what you come up with!


See you on social,


P.S. This video is part of my new YouTube Channel for Actors. If you have a question about your social media just let me know in the comments below and I may make a video just for you! 


    1 Response to "15 CREATIVE Social Media Usernames for Actors (when yours is taken)"

    • Liam Clarke

      I have to change my insta name. It’s linked to a wrestler I loved as a kid and plays on the me thinking I’m more vain than I am, until you meet me and realise I’m not vain at all. It also added a bit of a childish flare.

      Currently – @Clarkeysosexy

      Future – Liammjclarke / Liammatthew / Clarkeyliam
      What would you say sounds better considering my “official” professional name is Liam Matthew?

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