Since I work in social media I'm aware of the major brand guidelines for posting about the different social networks. However, because of the increasing number of social networks, numerous branding rules, and changes to them regularly it's very easy to break these rules without even realizing it (even I've been guilty of this).

To help cut out the confusion, here are the social media brand guidelines for the major platforms all in one place. Whether you're blogging about social media, putting follow buttons on your website, talking about social media in your new film or creating cool shareable images to gain new followers, these guidelines will you abide by the rules.

1. Twitter Logo Guidelines

twitter logo

From the size, color, or even spacing, Twitter is very specific about how you can use their logo. This photo below is from their very thorough brand guidelines you can access here. 

twitter branding guidelines


2. Facebook Brand Guidelines 

facebook logo

You cannot alter the Facebook logo in any way and it cannot be the most prominent feature in whatever you are creating. When talking about Facebook it must be capitalized and cannot be used as a plural, verb or abbreviated. You can discover the complete brand guidelines on Facebook here.

3. Instagram Logo Guidelines


The word Instagram must always be capitalized and never modified. You can mention Instagram in a TV commercial with Facebook or other Facebook companies. However, other social networks, outside of the final call to action (Follow us on…), cannot be represented in the same spot as Facebook or Instagram in the ad. You cannot combine any part of the name Instagram with your name or trademarks. The complete brand guidelines can be downloaded here. 

4. LinkedIn Logo Guidelines

You can obviously not alter their logo in anyway. LinkedIn won't even allow you to use their name in the title of a blog without exclusive permission (which I recently discovered). If you would like to use LinkedIn’s logos in a television or film or video production, you can submit a request with their Request for Permission Form. You can access the complete list of LinkedIn branding guidelines here. LinkedIn's brand guidelines are so strict that I am not even including their logo in this post since it may be breaking the rules. ?

5. YouTube Logo Guidelines

youtube logo

The Youtube logo can never be altered or distorted, must contain their color palette and cannot be placed within text as seen below from the YouTube Branding Guidelines: 

youtube branding guidelines

6. Snapchat Logo Guidelines


Snapchat's brand standards don't allow any modification of the Ghost logo in any way, including changing colors or adding elements to the design. You also cannot display the Ghost logo larger than your own marks or branding. The only exception to these rules is when the Ghost logo appears within your unique Snapcode. Although they do allow creativity when it comes to Snapcodes, they do have specific Snapcode Usage Guidelines.

You are able to use the word "Snapchat" in your play, film, or book as long as it's clear that Snapchat doesn't sponsor or endorse your project. Except for inviting others to add you on Snapchat as permitted by their Brand Guidelines, you can't use any logos in your book, film, or play without written permission from Snapchat.

7. Google+ Logo Guidelines


Google+ doesn't allow any rotation, color changes or repositioning of their logo. They also state specific language they want you to avoid (in their Follow Style Guide):

We’re on g+ 

Google+ us

Add us to your Google+ circles

Circle us on Google+

Follow us on GooglePlus

Search Google+ for Android

Google+ branding guidelines

8. Pinterest Logo Guidelines


Pinterest will not allow you to rotate their logo and it must always be in the Pinterest red color (#bd081c). You also cannot use “pin”, “Pinterest”, or any variations of “Pinterest” in your name or domain name (which is something I actually see all the time). The complete Pinterest Branding guidelines can be found here. 

9. Vine Logo Guidelines


The Vine logo cannot be modified, altered in any way. The Vine logo should not be used on any merchandise and cannot be used in your avatar on any mobile or web service. When showing Vines on TV, you must include the creator's name, the caption and the official Vine logo. Access the complete brand guidelines on Vine here. 

Whew! This is a lot more technical than I usually get, however following logo and brand guidelines is crucial, whether you're a business or an actor creating their own content. Best of luck with these guides!

See you on social!

Heidi Dean