There is so much BAD information on Instagram about how Instagram works!

There I said it! 

Sadly, many of these ‘Myths’ are keeping you from growing and making connections on the platform. 

So if you’ve ever wondered: 

-Are long or short captions best? 

-Do I need to have a perfect aesthetic to grow?

-Does being a business or creator account hurt me in the feed?

-Does editing captions after I post mess up my engagement?

-Are ‘SAVES’ the best engagement for the algorithm?

-Must comments be over 3 words to count as engagement?

-Are hashtags the best tool for growth?

-Is the Shadowban real?

This week’s video answers them all!

Watch me bust the 13 biggest Instagram myths in 47 seconds 🙌

Got a minute? Click here to get the facts! 

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