facebook live for actors

Going 'Live' on Facebook can be a fantastic way to connect with your fans and friends, but it can also be super stressful and scary if you don't know the tech.

I'm here to help! This simple checklist will help you totally ROCK your next (or first) Facebook Livestream:

(Keep in mind this Checklist is 'best case scenario.' If you are on-the-go for your stream not all of these options may be available)


☑  Tell your fans you’re going live (Give your friends/fans on Facebook and your other networks a little heads-up to know you'll be going live in 10-15 minutes)

☑  Make sure your battery is charged (or you’re plugged in)

☑  Turn your phone on airplane mode & connect to wifi (if possible)

☑  Open camera to check lighting/positioning

☑  Use a computer for the broadcast or use a Selfie stick or tripod to stabilize your phone/tablet.

☑  Write a catchy headline to get people to join you!

☑  Hit the BIG Blue 'Go Live' Button!



☑  Introduce yourself (let us know why we’re listening to you)

☑ Tell viewers what you are going to talk about asap!

☑  Lead with value- interact with the folks that show up live (use their name when possible)

☑  Keep your audience engaged by asking them questions along the way. Ex: "Give me a Like if this makes sense" or "Let me know if this has happened to you." Keep in mind there is a slight delay when you ask a question so it may take a few seconds to see those ❤s and ??s fly past the screen. 

☑  If you are answering questions, either wait until the end to answer them (or choose breaks along the way). Don't stop and answer every question as they come in. Remember to always read the question out loud and answer it.

☑  Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more people

☑  Don't forget to ask viewers to subscribe to receive live notifications

☑  Add a call-to-action. After they watch, what do you want them to do…watch your latest youtube video, go to your website, share the livestream, etc.



☑  Hit save to page and then make sure the video posts to your fan page (or profile)

☑  Click on the video to edit the livestream (add a title, tags, captions, links to the description, etc)

☑  While you're editing the video choose a decent thumbnail! 

☑  Reply to questions you missed and future questions

☑  Share the Livestream replay on your other social networks



These 18 steps should make your next Facebook LIVE fun and simple!  Can't wait to watch you go live!


See you on social!


Heidi Dean






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