Luck is not just about being in the right place at the right time. You create your own luck and your own future. Here are 13 resources (yes, lucky 13) to help you network, market yourself, produce your own work and create your own “lucky break” for your career….

You create your own future

Brush up your Audition Technique!

Without the training and the ability to consistently deliver awesome auditions you will only get so far in this business (no matter how lucky you are). That’s why this is #1. Need a little help nailing your auditions? Here's fantastic free webclass that will help you step up your audition game!

Lead with Great Headshots!

Want to get more auditions? Make sure you have an awesome headshot that truly shows us who you are! Headshots are your #1 marketing tool and a great shot will definitely help you get more audition opportunities. To help you start your research, here’s my twitter list of headshot photographers.

Use Social Media to your Advantage!

Social media is a wonderful place to make new connections that could lead to more opportunities for your career. Need a little help with your social media? My free ebook “The Ultimate Social Media Checklist” will get you started!

Create Your Own Work!

It’s such a wonderful time to be an actor right! By creating your own content, you give yourself more opportunities to do what you love to do...ACT! Actress, filmmaker and producer Angela Matemotja has a wonderful free course designed to help you create content that will advance your acting career! 

Learn to Love Networking!

This one's a biggie! So big that it covers Resources #5-13. Who you know is so important in this business! Here are 7 places you can meet new people in the business:

*SAG-AFTRA Foundation Events


*Women in Film

*Film Independent

*Screenplay Lab

*Film Festivals and Screenings are a great place for networking. Check out this great Twitter list of film festivals all over the world.

*Volunteer with other professionals in your field! Don't volunteer to network.... volunteer to help people. You'll be surprised how many quality connections will come out of your desire to help others. Check out the numerous volunteer opportunities with BroadwayCares/Actors Equity Fights AIDS, The Actors Fund, Actors Theatre Workshop, Writer’s Guild of America (EAST/WEST), or MOVE if you are a SAG actor.

Who said 13 is an unlucky number?

Let me know in the comments below how you use these 13 resources to create your own "lucky break".

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Heidi Dean