Are you sending the same postcard with the same photo out over and over again? Casting directors and agents receive hundreds and hundreds of postcards every week. You MUST make yours stand out from the crowd and get noticed.  They are looking for creative actors to represent and cast for their projects so why not show them your creativity? Here are some of my fun actor postcard makeovers!

actor postcard makeovers


*Make your Own Photo Postcard

Don’t just leave your update for the text… put it in the photo as well.  Check out or simply look up the app on your phone. You can take a picture, upload it to the app and send it out as a postcard with a personal greeting in minutes. You can also put up to 5 pictures on a single postcard.  So you can go the traditional headshot postcard route or be a little more artsy- You are an artist, after all! You can always start with a traditional headshot postcard and do your follow-ups with touchnote as well. There are many places to make postcards but the convenience of Touchnote is wonderful since it can be done right from your phone or tablet.

Think past the headshot….Send out a collage of you on your latest film or commercial shoot or maybe a still from a tv show or a theatre production on your postcard.  It’s a great way to add a creative personal touch and stand out from all the headshots that arrive every day. I quickly made a postcard at Touchnote for your enjoyment with a throwback photo from when I played Wendy in Peter Pan at the MUNY. postcard


If your show is in-town and running for a few weeks you could send out a postcard like this as an invite. This is much more exciting than a headshot or even a traditional show postcard!


Other ways to get creative and stand out…


*Make your own stamp with your headshot!

Go to and make a stamp with your name, headshot or photo from your latest gig. Brand yourself in every way possible.  I made my own stamp in 1 minute! You can do it for all different postage amounts.

make your own photo stamp

*Put your postcard in a pretty envelope.

Sounds silly, right! But if you’ve already invested in postcards and can’t try touchnote, make your mailing stand out by fancy packaging. Go to a stationary story (papyrus, etc) and buy some snazzy envelopes.  Put your personalized stamp on the outside. This may be a great approach for those targeted mailings to casting directors who are casting your dream shows or the few agents you are actively trying to score an interview with. This could get pricey so I definitely wouldn’t do a huge mass mailing with this technique.


*A One-Sheet or a Castability Sheet!

A what? A one-sheet is like your own poster promoting yourself that can be sent via snail mail or email.  A castability sheet is another networking tool showcasing roles you have played and suggesting roles you could play. Discussing these are 2 separate blogs on their own! Here is a site (that I have no affiliation with) that has great examples of both >> Click for One Sheets Examples   Click for Castability Sheets Examples


*Include a QR Code to your website! 

Do your research- if the agent or casting director has a website & an active social media presence they may be more tech savvy. You could put it on your postcard, one-sheet or castability sheet as one of the images or maybe even make stamps with your QR code to your website. If they have a smart phone it’s a simple, creative and fun way for them to get to your site.  

You can easily create a QR code on one of my favorite tools Canva right here! You can customize them with colors and link them to your website, social media or even MP3 tracks (for you musicians and musical theatre folk). Get creative- the possibilities are endless!

SCAN this QR Code (above) on your phone and I’ll send you my Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Actors for free!

As always, a little playful is fine but keep it professional. Also IMPORTANT… check how the agent or casting director you are contacting prefers to receive submissions (email or mail). You would hate to see that beautiful postcard or one-sheet tossed in the garbage.

How will you makeover your next mailing? Let me know in the comments below or email me! If you make a creative postcard I’d love to see it! I.





Until soon,


Heidi Dean


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    • Heidi Dean

      Meet them where the relationship is at… Writing them in an email, postcard or on social media should reflect your REAL relationship. So if right now in that relationship you call them by their first name- do it…. it would be weird to do otherwise.

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      cartierbraceletlove On a related note–how do you deal when you have previously known someone in a capacity where calling them “Mr. Lastname” is appropriate (parents’ friend), but now you know them in a capacity where you’d normally call them “Firstname” (professionally)?
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