Let’s first compare the two:

A Facebook Page is for brands, public figures, bands, causes, products, etc.  People must ‘Like’ your Page to see any posts. Having a page lets you utilize Facebook’s wonderful marketing tools and capture email addresses. There are no limits on ‘likes’ on a Facebook Page.

A Facebook Profile is for individuals. Everyone on Facebook has a Profile (you need one to start a Page).  You collect ‘friends’ not ‘fans’ or ‘likes’ and are limited to 5,000 ‘friends’.  Now you can also get ‘followers’ (previously ‘subscribers’) on Facebook. Based on Facebook’s regulations you aren’t supposed to sell anything on a Facebook profile page.

For most actors using your Profile until you have a large following is the best option. It’s simpler and easy to get your posts in front of people and it also takes a lot less time to run than a Page.

Here are my 5 reasons you should have an actor Facebook profile over a page!

1. A Profile is more personal!

What profession is more personal than acting! I have had both a Profile and a Page for different business ventures and have found that even if I linked my Page to my website, people would still try to friend me on my Profile. Even if they loved my business, they wanted to connect with ME, not my company. As an actor I see this happen a lot too.

2. More people see your posts on a Profile!

As if you need another reason than this! Posts on a Profile are seen more than posts on a Page (especially a Page with a low amount of fans). There is so much competition for views in the news feed from the over 55 million Facebook Pages out there you just won't get seen as much. You also can't comment on people's Profiles with your Page (you must use your Profile). This next one is a biggie! You have to join groups under your Profile name. Groups can be important networking and casting tools for actors. If you have to use your Profile then what good is the Page? The best way to build an audience on your Page (unless it builds itself because you are a major character on a network TV show) is to run ads.  Paying for Facebook ads as an actor is probably not the best way to allocate your funds for growing your career.

3. Gain Followers!

You can only have 5,000 friends on Facebook. If you've hit this limit then maybe for you it's time for a Page. You can convert your Profile to a Page at any time (Facebook shows you how HERE).  OR you can utilize Facebook's cool feature that now allows people to 'follow' you (see button in picture below).


Go to your Settings and click on Public Posts (on the left) and decide who can follow you. If you are using your profile for your acting career and want to enable followers you will want the PUBLIC to be able to follow you (see below)...



Now you can decide which audience (your family and friends vs your fans) can see your individual posts. Most of my posts I make 'Public' so both my friends and followers can enjoy them. However, most pictures of my baby and family I set to 'Friends' where only my 'friends' can see them.

change your privacy settings

4. It's easier to have a Profile!

If you have a Page you also have a Profile and have to run both. Some people post the same content on both, however you will have some of the same 'friends' who are 'fans' of your Page so why bombard them with the same posts. You probably have a Twitter, Instagram and maybe a Snapchat, Periscope and Pinterest. Why have 2 Facebook accounts? For many actors, they find it is great to have a Profile with headers/photos optimized for their acting career and add a Page when either their high profile career calls for one or if they have created a YouTube channel, written a play, produced a show that might merit a Page and call for a little advertising.

5. Share Facebook Posts on your Actor Blog or Website!

WordPress has a Facebook plugin that allows you to embed posts and content from you personal Profile now! You can now publicize a Facebook post (as long as its set to 'public') on your blog or website. If someone writes a great review or testimonial of your work you can add this to your website. This used to be a feature only allowed with a Facebook Pages.

Do you have a Page, a Profile or both? Let me know how you use them for your acting career in the comments below!


Until soon,


Heidi Dean


    9 replies to "Should I Have An Actor Facebook Profile OR Page?"

    • Heidi Dean

      Hi Suzanne! This video is a more updated version of this article: https://youtu.be/rlQL5rAbkd4 Most actors should choose Public Figure and ‘Actor’ is one of the categories you can choose from (on the dropdown menu). Best of luck!

    • Suzanne

      Great post, thank you.
      Can you help some of us work out if we should create our page as:
      Community or public figure
      Business or brand
      What are the pro’s and con’s of both options?

    • Heidi Dean

      That’s perfect Amy! Right now to get reach on a Facebook FAN Page you have to pay for ads so you’ll be able to reach more of your connections on your profile. Thanks for reading!

    • Maray Ayres

      I have both but really only post on my profile
      Page. Once a month I Post something on my Page.

    • Amy Fox

      I have a facebook Profile page only. The settings are as you have suggested allowing Followers to view my Public posts. I felt awkward making a Fan Page for myself.

    • Heidi Dean

      Thanks for reading Ashok! Great plan- you can always leverage the page for your career later if you need to!

    • Ashok tholpady

      Interesting article, Heidi. Thanks for writing this.

      I’ve also been debating this for awhile. Ultimately, I chose to do both. Since I am both a photographer and actor, I’m using my profile for my acting marketing and using my page for my photography marketing. I think over time they should work in synergy to maximize my followers. Also, it doesn’t become redundant because I have two different avenues to dangle the carrot 🙂

    • Heidi Dean

      I believe in you Yvonne! 🙂

    • Yvonne E. Davidson

      I am the least technological person I know, but I think even I can figure this out! Here goes nothing!

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