Are you ready to start rockin' your social media?

The 21-Day Social Rockstar Challenge

Go from social media rookie to ROCKSTAR (in just 21 days)!

Social Rockstar Challenge
  • Learn how to create a Rockstar first impression on Social Media!
  • Make powerful connections with the people who can hire you (all online)!
  • Find more auditions, get direct offers and even land representation thanks to the power of social media!
  • Always know what to post (when you have an acting gig or not)!
  • Build an audience for your acting career and projects!
  • Rock your social media in less than 10 minutes every day. (Yup… read that right) so you have more time to do what you love…. ACT!

Heidi's Mini Courses!

(These are shorter classes designed to be completed anywhere from 1-7 days)

Rock Your Instagram Grid

One day to a rockin' Instagram page!

Rock your Instagram Grid
  • You'll discover 10 awesome ways you can create a unique style for your grid that'll make people want to hit that follow button (and tell their friends about your account)
  • My favorite tool to help you plan, manage, and schedule your Instagram posts (and your InstaStories)
  • A powerful exercise that'll help you brainstorm post ideas that show us who you are and help you find the nice balance between your personal and public life for your Instagram account (this is the secret sauce)!
  • My favorite editing apps to make your Instagram account totally stand out.

The Fan Booster Formula!

Build a thriving fanbase for your acting career, content or music!

Fan Booster Formula
  • Learn how to create a Rockstar first impression on Social Media so people actually follow you!
  • I’ll show you step-by-step HOW to find your fans on the platform so you stop wasting your time following people who will have no interest in what you do.
  • Get more eyes on your page, content, and crowdfunding campaigns every day (without spending a penny on ads)!
  • My schedule with daily, weekly and monthly action steps to grow your following.
  • PLUS I’ll show you how to use an amazing #TimesavingTool that will allow you to do this process in only 5 minutes a day!

YouTube Essentials for Actors

YouTube Essentials for actors


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