Even when you're not booking, you're pressed for time and don't have a clue what to say!



Posting is easy when you just #BookedIt.

But what about those days when your biggest success was boiling water for oatmeal?

What do you post then?!

Yeah, the #StruggleIsReal

So, tell me if this sounds familiar...

You run from the gym...

to auditions...

to mail another postcard...

to your day job…

to class.

With your #actorhustle finally done,

you plop down on the couch.

But, in the middle of ‘This is Us,’ you GASP:

“Oh 💩 I’ve gotta post SOMETHING on social media.”

So you start ‘spaghetti posting’...

throwing random posts on your feed...

and praying something sticks...

...but you know it’s a big hot mess.

Social media is fun when you’re connecting with your college roommate. But when you have to do your 'actor marketing,' it feels like a waste of time and a pain in the 🍑.


It doesn’t have to.

What if posting could be fun again?

What if you looked forward to it everyday?

How great would you feel if you always had fresh ideas ready to post, no matter how many jobs you booked or auditions you had?

That's how you'll feel when you


Hi! I’m Heidi Dean, creator of Post Like A BOSS!

I know how frustrating the day-to-day #actorhustle can be. It's hard to stay focused, prioritize and get it all done. And, even though social media’s one of the most effective ways to make connections and build relationships for your career, it’s often that "one more thing" you just don’t have time for.

And, if you do have time, you just stare at your screen thinking of something to say.

Luckily, (for us both) I’ve created a fun, easy way to help you post quickly and confidently, without sounding pushy, needy or annoying.

My posting system has helped Emmy Award-winners, Broadway stars, recording artists, directors, producers, filmmakers and actors just like you, go from totally lost to totally BOSS. Now, I’m going to teach it to you.

If you're an actor who wants a successful career but you haven't got a posting system that’s fast, efficient and fun, POST LIKE A BOSS is for you.

See you in class!


When I grew up there was no social media. For us, “social” was playing board games.


And, between you and me, learning to play Monopoly was way more fun than learning to use social media.

Then it hit me!

"What if I made learning to post on social fun - by making it a board game?!"



  1. You’ll start with simple online training videos that teach you what to post, where to post and when to post across social media.
  2. The POST LIKE A BOSS game board is your monthly calendar and posting schedule. I show you EXACTLY how to fill in the blanks.
  3. Then, every day, you draw a 'Game Card' that tells you what to post and you always know what to say! Simple right?

POST LIKE A BOSS IS an online class and a complete posting system for your acting career that’s as much fun as passing GO and collecting $200!

Here’s what you’ll gain from this brand new online video training...

  • Confidence about posting!

We’ll dive deep into the 8 components of a BOSS post that help you increase your likes and comments, get more shares, grow your audience and spread your message faster. Think about how relieved you’ll feel when you always know HOW to post - even when you’re not working on a project!

  • An endless supply of great posting ideas!

Posting like a BOSS is more than just creating your own content. It’s also about sharing other people’s content your fans and followers will love. I show you WHERE to find it and how to quickly create an ‘Inspiration Station’ - your personal treasure chest containing all of the exciting accounts you’ll find. PLUS, I give you access to my own (yes, me. Heidi’s) personal Inspiration Station with hundreds of interesting, entertaining and inspiring accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

  • A complete monthly posting schedule!

This is where the real fun and games start. You’ll get a posting game board, that's also your schedule, plus game cards with over 100 post ideas on them. Then just follow the the daily & monthly action steps I give you and play your way to BOSSNESS.

  • A way to 'Stand out' on social media (in a good way)!

No one wants to be “that actor’ on social who reeks of shameless self-promotion. POST LIKE A BOSS teaches you how to post authentically so people are excited to see what you have to say  and you’ll never have to worry that you look pushy, needy or annoying again!

  • It's more than a class, it's: A way of life.

POST LIKE A BOSS is a 31-day program. But each time you play, you choose a new posting card, so you always have fresh ideas to post in a totally new sequence. That means, you never play the game the same way twice and this is a system you can rely on for years. Just shuffle the cards and you can plan your posts every month for years to come.

Heidi, you had me at BOSS!

PLUS you'll get access to these BOSS Bonuses...


How to Schedule like a BOSS

Let's face it, your #actorslife is BUSY. So, I’ve totally simplified social scheduling for you. You get a step-by-step guided tour of my favorite time-saving tools for planning, managing, and scheduling your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page AND Instagram Stories. This BOSS BONUS will save you hours on social media every month!


Taking BOSS photos for Instagram (even if you suck at taking photos)!

If you don’t have enough Instagram-worthy photos, I totally get it! My life isn’t always terribly Instagramable either. I work a lot and 50 photos of me and my laptop on my couch, eating a burrito, in my pajamas isn’t all that interesting. But I’ve found a work around.  It’s this awesome bonus to help you take better photos on Instagram. PLUS, I'll show you how I store and organize photos for my grid so they’re ready to post whenever I need them! I can’t wait to show you! PSST… I’m bringing in the big guns for this. You’ll learn directly from the professional photographer who shot my lifestyle shoot.


Intro to Instagram & Twitter Video Series

You can't POST LIKE A BOSS if you don't know the basics! These tutorials take you from sign up to set-up on Twitter, Instagram and Instagram Stories. That's everything you need to know to start POST LIKE A BOSS.


Tell your 'Story' like a BOSS!

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to stay 'top of mind' with your followers and get ‘discovered’ on Instagram. This BOSS bonus gives you step-by-step Instagram Story templates (and some cool pro tips) to help you create engaging Stories every time. With this bonus, you'll be able to tell your great Story LIKE A BOSS!


My Favorite BOSS Editing Apps for Actors!

With the right tools, anyone can create BOSS VISUALS on social. If your inner Picasso was crushed by your 3rd grade Art teacher who “adjusted” your drawings, you’ll love this guide! It shows you which apps you need to quickly create images that boost likes and shares on your posts. And because, filters are a girl’s best friend, I even toss in the apps that make you look great with no make-up!


Social Conversation Starter Guide

This amazing bonus gives you hundreds of fun questions that “break the ice” and get the conversation flowing with your fans & followers! If you’re tired of hearing crickets on social, this BONUS guide will be your new BFF!


Hashtag Helper Guide for Actors

I get hundreds of new followers every month just by using hashtags. But, to see results like these, you need to know which hashtags to use and how to use them correctly.

My Hashtag Helper walks you through the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW of #’s. PLUS, to make it super easy for you, I give you over 1500 hashtags relevant to your passions, hobbies and actorslife. Just cut, paste and put ‘em into the notes on your phone and you’ll have ‘em when you need ‘em (#YoureWelcome).

52 Ready-to-Post Quote Images

Quotes are among the most shared posts on social media because they tap into emotion and inspire your followers. I've created 52 beautiful quote images you can download and use whenever you need them. That’s enough for a whole year of #MondayMotivation content!

Heidi, you had me at BONUSES!

What actors are saying about Heidi's classes....

  • Heidi also has such a great way of making things fun simply by having fun herself as she teaches. I haven't had this much fun with social media...like ever.
    Shannon Ames Shannon Ames Actress
  • I always thought I was GREAT with social media until I met Heidi and she took my social media game to a whole new level. Within days she gave all my platforms a social media make over that allowed me to post with confidence. And then she did it AGAIN…with her Instagram stories training. Mind. Blown. As long as social media continues to change, I'll keep coming back to Heidi. She always has the latest and greatest -- and super easy tips for keeping it up with social media.
    DaJuan Johnson DaJuan Johnson Actor (Amazon's Bosch)
  • Heidi Dean is literally ‘the Boss’ when it comes to social media. She is my go-to expert for learning more about what to post, how to post it and fresh ways to increase engagement with followers, fans and beyond. Plus, I can always count on Heidi to be on top of the ever-changing policies on all the social platforms -- so I don’t have to be!
    Tammy Lynn Tammy Lynn Publicist/Founder of Spotlight PR Company
  • Heidi transformed the way I view social media in my life. Before, I simply tinkered with it like everyone else I know. Social media for me was an online collage where I posted randomly, at a whim, and however I felt at the time. I was a beginner who didn't really know what he was doing beyond that, but I knew other people were making an impact on others through social media. You took me from someone posting for myself alone to someone who was engaging his followers. I now know how to engage my audience in a way that invites interaction and also represents my best self. My followers practically doubled, and my confidence in how to work with tools such as Twitter and Facebook went through the roof.  Your daily videos were so clear and the resources you gave out to us all are amazing. Your class has been one of the best investments in my acting career.
    Joseph Narducci Joseph Narducci Voice Actor
  • If you've ever felt like you have NOTHING to share on social media, Heidi will change all of that! Heidi introduced me to so many great ideas and FREE tools for posting! She made it FUN and easy to manage too!
    Jordan Rice Jordan Rice Actress
  • I'm able to look at my social media with a whole different mindset. I’ve realized there is actually a system to the madness (lol).  I had no clue what to post on social media. But thanks to Heidi I am super clear now!
    Deloris Akins Deloris Akins Actress
  • I don't dread posting anymore. I'm actually excited and inspired to post! AND I don't feel overwhelmed to respond back to people now that I have a schedule of when to do it. Thank you so much Heidi.
    Chrystee Pharris Chrystee Pharris Actress
  • Every lesson was filled with tips, tools and secrets, and laid out in bite-sized chunks that even I, as a (prior) social media novice, could wrap my head around.  I am now empowered with what, when, why and how to post! Thank you Heidi!
    Heather Hiatt Heather Hiatt Actress

WARNING: This class is NOT for everyone...

To determine if this course is right for you answer 'YES' or 'NO' to these questions:

  • Do you need a clear game plan for what and when to post on social?
  • Are you planning to use social media to build your audience or make career connections?
  • Would you like to feel SUPER confident about posting whether you've booked something or not?
  • Does learning the secret to creating posts that get more likes and shares interest you?
  • Wouldn't it be uh-mazing if posting was easy, stress-free and fun?

If you answered "YES" to 3 or more questions- POST LIKE A BOSS is for YOU! 


Then here's what happens next...

  • Click the 'GET STARTED' button and complete your secure payment through Paypal or Credit Card. Super simple.
  • You'll get a confirmation email from me so you know you're #ReadyToRock.
  • Get started posting like a boss right away!

Choose your payment plan...

Pay-In-Full Discount!


You get...

  • The Complete Post Like A Boss Video Training
  • Post Like A Boss Game Board (your schedule)
  • Post Like a Boss Posting Cards (100+ post ideas)
  • #BookedIt Posting Checklist
  • BONUS VIDEO SERIES: Intro To Instagram and Twitter
  • BONUS VIDEO: How To Schedule Like A BOSS
  • BONUS: Taking BOSS Photos For Instagram (even if you suck at taking photos)!
  • BONUS GUIDE: Inspiration Station List
  • BONUS GUIDE: My Favorite BOSS Editing Apps
  • BONUS GUIDE: The Hashtag Helper
  • BONUS GUIDE: Social Media Conversation Starters
  • BONUS: 52 Ready-made Quote Images (First 30 students only)
  • Lifetime Access
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OR 2 Payments of


You get...

  • The Complete Post Like A Boss Video Training
  • Post Like A Boss Game board (your schedule)
  • Post Like A Boss Posting Cards (100+ post ideas)
  • #BookedIt Posting Checklist
  • BONUS VIDEO SERIES: Intro To Instagram and Twitter
  • BONUS VIDEO: How To Schedule Like A BOSS
  • BONUS: Taking BOSS Photos For Instagram (even if you suck at taking photos)!
  • BONUS GUIDE: Inspiration Station List
  • BONUS GUIDE: My Favorite BOSS Editing Apps
  • BONUS GUIDE: The Hashtag Helper
  • BONUS GUIDE: Social Media Conversation Starters
  • BONUS: 52 Ready-made Quote Images (First 30 students only)
  • Lifetime Access
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10-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Post Like A Boss comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You have 10 full days to dive into the class risk free. If you decide this program is not for you, I'll give you your money back - no questions asked. Yup, not only is this program an awesome value, it’s RISK FREE.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm only on Facebook? Is this class too advanced for me?

You'll be fine. For my #SocialNewbies I've created introductory videos to help you set up your accounts on Twitter and Instagram so you can learn all the basics. You don't need to be tech-savvy to rock this class...I walk you through the BOSS posting system step-by-step.  Plus, you don’t HAVE to be on all three platforms. You can pick and choose between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Do I need to show up live during the course?

Nope. POST LIKE A BOSS is a self-guided course. You'll have lifetime access to everything so you can complete it at your own pace anytime, anywhere.

Will I get personal feedback from Heidi?

POST LIKE A BOSS has checkpoints along the way to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram. I'll be there to cheer you on and offer guidance on your journey to BOSS-ness. And, of course, you can also find me in our Social Media Savvy Actors Facebook group.

Can’t I just learn this info from blogs & YouTube videos?

Possibly, but it'll take you years of trial and error to sort through and piece it all together. Most free, online social media content will tell you WHAT you need to do but not so much HOW and most of it is made for businesses, not actors. Social Media is constantly changing so you'll find a lot of contradictory and outdated content out there too. No blog or video can give you the tools you need to create a simple, sustainable social media posting system for your acting career that actually works!



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