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Sick of guessing at Instagram?

After spending hours trying to get more followers and double taps for your acting career, are you tired of hearing crickets?

Yup, I totally get it.

It's frustrating. You feel like everyone has it figured out but you 'cause your follower numbers stay the same. And, Instagram's always changing!

Well, there's good news and bad news....


The Insta-Guessing game is a waste of time.

Instead of trying to figure out how Instagram can work for you, you should be working on your audition prep, training and doing what you really love - Acting.

After all, you're not a professional Instagram marketer.

You're an ACTOR.


I’ve completely figured Instagram out...

...and I’ve helped 1,000s of actors do the same.

Now, it's your turn!

Introducing InstaActor!

For actors who want to build an audience, make more connections and make an impact on Instagram

(without the Insta-headache)

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DaJuan Johnson

"I always thought I was GREAT with social media until I met Heidi and she took my social media game to a whole new level. Within days she gave all my platforms a social media make over that allowed me to post with confidence. And then she did it AGAIN…with her Instagram stories training. Mind. Blown. As long as social media continues to change, I'll keep coming back to Heidi. She always has the latest and greatest -- and super easy tips for keeping it up with social media."

DaJuan Johnson, (Bosch, Grey's Anatomy, Suits)
Instagram for actors

Here's what you'll learn...

Module 1: Insta-Essentials!

You can't grow a following or make connections on Instagram without a solid foundation:

  • Instagram for Beginners takes you step-by-step, from sign-up to set-up, on Instagram and Instagram Stories. Even if you’re not an #Insta-newbie, this Intro class insures you’re using every feature to your advantage.
  • You'll learn the secret to creating posts that show us who you are, balance your private and public lives and create a message that connects and attracts followers.
  • You'll discover 10 ways to create a unique "visual voice" for your grid that makes people want to follow you (and tell their friends)!
  • BONUS: If you're a multi-artist wondering if you need an account for each of your talents or projects, I've got your answer!

Module 2: Make an Impact!

You only have a few seconds to make a first impression on Instagram. But no worries! In MODULE 2 you'll learn....

  • How to optimize your profile for Insta-Success!
  • The secret to creating a bio that automatically attracts (and keeps) more followers.
  • How to keep your audience engaged with tons of content ideas (no more scratching your head, wondering what to say).
  • Over 100 post ideas and examples for when you’re booking and when you're not.
  • WHEN to post, what time of day and how often (This may surprise you).
  • My "Compelling Caption Formula" that gets your followers to engage.
  • My favorite apps to make your posts POP (even if you stink at taking photos).

Module 3: Tell Your 'Story'

400 million people watch InstaStories everyday! But MOST actors either don't use it or don't use it the RIGHT way. That makes it SUPER easy for you to stand out! You'll discover...

  • How to use Stickers, Filters and Polls (Oh my!) PLUS InstaStory basics so you never have to ask "What does that button do?" again.
  • Savvy ways to use InstaStories to grow your following.
  • How often to post on InstaStories vs. your grid!
  • Step-by-step templates and tips so you can create engaging Stories every time.
  • Ways to find and curate online content to use as your Story.
  • 52 Instagram Story Ideas just for actors!

Module 4: Insta-Tools, Apps and Timesavers

If you're not using apps and tools for Instagram you're wasting time. Module 4 will save you hours of time every single week!

  • Your #actorslife is BUSY. So, I’ve totally simplified Instagram scheduling for you. You'll take a step-by-step guided tour of my favorite time-saving tools for planning, managing, and scheduling Instagram and Insta-Stories!
  • I teach you to quickly create images that boost likes and shares on your posts. And because, filters are a girl’s best friend, I also give you the apps that make you look great with no make-up!
  • I'll show you how I create IGTV videos (including apps that instantly re-size your vertical reels, showcase clips and YouTube videos for IGTV.

Module 5: Insta-Connections

Instagram is a fantastic tool for networking and building relationships with directors, writers, casting directors, producers and actors you’d never have access to offline….IF you know how to use it correctly. Module 5 explores how you can...

  • Connect directly with the people who can hire you. You'll finally know what to say and when to say it!
  • Stay “top-of-mind” with the people you already know. More connections = more auditions = more jobs!
  • Stand out from the social media noise and get noticed by the people you want to work with.
  • What NOT to do on Instagram and why getting this wrong could get you blocked or unfollowed.

Module 6: Build Your Audience!

To increase your visibility, influence, and engagement you don't need an insta-perfect life. You just need a strategy. Module 6 breaks down the follower growth strategies that work RIGHT NOW. You'll learn how to...

  • Find your like-minded tribe from among millions of Instagram users.
  • Use hashtags to attract the right people to your page and avoid the spambots.
  • Use collaborations, InstaStories and takeovers to boost your growth.
  • Get more followers everyday using my 'Engage and Grow' system!

Hi...I’m Heidi Dean!

The social media strategist for actors and creator of InstaActor!

And I see you, my friend.

You run from your day job…to acting class.

When your #actorhustle is finally done, you plop down on the couch ready for some well-earned R&R until…

… realize “Oh 💩…I’ve gotta post something on Instagram”

You start scrolling through your photos, desperate for something that'll get more 💙 than your last post.

...58 minutes later, you’re finally putting the finishing touches on your caption, hitting publish, and adding hashtags (#OverIt).

But the double taps and comments don’t come pouring in like you hoped they would.

And 24 hours later…. it's INSTAGRAM groundhog day all.over.again.

Sound familiar?

Instagram was fun when you could post whatever you wanted (even wine nights out with the girls) but, now that it's part of your ‘actor marketing,’ it’s a big pain in the 🍑.

But, not anymore. I’ve created a simple system that helps you build your audience, make connections and make an impact on Instagram (even if you stink at taking photos)!

It's the same system that's helped Emmy Award-winners, Broadway stars, recording artists, directors, producers, filmmakers and actors just like you, go from feeling "crappy" to "happy" about Instagram.

If you're an actor who wants to finally conquer Instagram, InstaActor is your new best friend!

See you in class!


Here's What Folks Are Saying About Heidi's Courses....

Shannon Ames

When I started your course I was just around 2K followers on Instagram- I just hit 10,000. Plus I never run out of ideas to post anymore and I’m excited about it because they’re all the things I like so much! I haven’t had this much fun with social media…like ever. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

Shannon Ames
Dallas Travers

There is nobody better for social media training than Heidi Dean. Nobody. Plus, you will never meet a kinder human being on planet Earth.”

Dallas Travers
Joseph Narducci

Heidi transformed the way I view social media in my life. You took me from someone posting for myself alone to someone who was engaging his followers. I now know how to engage my audience in a way that invites interaction and also represents my best self. My followers practically doubled, and my confidence went through the roof. Your daily videos were so clear and the resources you gave out to us all are amazing. Your class has been one of the best investments in my acting career.”

Joseph Narducci Voice Actor

Enroll today and get these 4 Exclusive Bonuses...

Bonus #1: Instagram List for 600+ Industry Pros!

A comprehensive collection of Instagram usernames for 600+ casting directors, agents, managers, producers, filmmakers and directors in LA, NY, regionally and internationally. This list will save you tons of research time- so you can spend more time building relationships.

Bonus #2: Take better photos for Instagram (even if you suck at taking photos)

My life isn’t always terribly Instagramable. I work a lot and 50 photos of me on my couch, with my laptop, eating a burrito, in my pajamas aren't really that interesting. But, in this awesome bonus, my favorite professional photographer shows you how to take great photos for Instagram! PLUS, I show you how I store and organize photos for my grid so they’re ready to post whenever I need them!

Bonus #3: InstaStory Templates for Actors

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to stay 'top of mind' with your followers and get ‘discovered’ on Instagram. This Insta-bonus gives you step-by-step Instagram Story templates (and some cool pro tips) to help you create engaging Stories every time.

BONUS TRAINING: How to use Instagram Analytics to get better engagement!

This bonus training will break down your Insta-Analytics step-by-step. I'll show you how to analyze your posts so you can see what's REALLY working so you can do more of it! Tired of dealing with the algorithm? Understanding your analytics will help you beat it.

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10-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

InstaActor comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You have 10 full days to dive into the class risk free. If you decide this program is not for you, I'll give you your money back - no questions asked. Yup, not only is this program an awesome value, it’s RISK FREE.

Here's What Actors Are Saying About Heidi's Courses....

Ben Jacob

Heidi’s class energized my acting career! As a content creator, I am more confident, consistent, and aware of what steps and platforms to dominate for my sketches. Instagram and Youtube have become a part of my acting team and I have even gotten responses already 1 week after the class from casting directors for target shows!”

Ben Jacob

Heidi’s InstaActor Training was worth the investment and then some. I’ve paid for a couple of other IG trainings that weren’t nearly as personal or specific, and my number of followers tended to just sit stagnant. I’m so glad to be on the right track now. Heidi’s training is full of tips on how to be authentic and personal in growing your Instagram following in a way that will last. She also addresses technical questions on navigating Instagram itself, and is very generous with bonus suggestions for editing apps, taking great pictures and creative story ideas. The best part? She just genuinely cares about us performers. Thank you so much, Heidi!

Cara Scott, Actor and Voice Talent
Quincy Grace

I’m not going to lie, I thought I knew EVERYTHING about Instagram and how to get people to follow me, notice me, and  help my manager get my name and face out to the right people. Guess what, I don’t know everything, and Heidi does. This is the best thing my mom has ever done.”

Quincy Grace

Thanks to Heidi not only have I learned how to use social media to advance my acting career, but I have stopped being shy online and I’ve started to post things that I thought were impossible. I have acquired many more followers and I’m gaining strength in my acting career! The great thing about Heidi is that she's always a direct message away and she’ll never leave you hanging or guessing. She takes her classes seriously and establishes a connection with her students (unlike some people out there just out to get money from actors) Heidi actually cares about us! Thanks so much. 

Tresa Jones
Wendy Alane Wright

“Heidi Dean is an expert at Social Media Marketing for Actors. Her programs are powerful and teach actors how to make a strong professional impact. I highly recommend Heidi to actors around the world who want to be competitive in the industry.”

Wendy Alane Wright Talent Manager & Acting Career Coach

I took the InstaActor course in part because I had gotten so much good free training from Heidi that I thought it was only right to pay her back a bit by taking her InstaActor course. Great decision on my part because the cost of the course is well below the value.  The course material is well structured, professionally presented and goes far beyond anything available by any other social media guru. Plus it specifically addresses the needs of ACTORS! Awesome! My only regret about the InstaActor course is that I didn’t take it sooner.

Tommy G. Kendrick , Instagram: @tommygkendrick 
Devon Padley

InstaActor is the second training I’ve taken with Heidi and I cannot say enough about how the classes have changed the way I view social media. The videos are fun and informative, and Heidi is so personable you feel like you’re just sitting down to coffee with a friend. I constantly remember her words of wisdom as I craft social posts or work on my posting schedule. I send her name to everyone I know, and not only have her classes supported me, but Heidi is constantly cheering me on! InstaActor and the Social Rockstar Challenge are two of the best investments I’ve made as an actor.

Devon Padley

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