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Wondering what I do??

I turn social media rookies into Rockstars!

...More specifically...

I create career-changing online classes for actors and write articles for Backstage Magazine inspired by the actors and business owners I work with everyday!

Let me introduce myself properly...  I'm Heidi Dean!

I'm a social media strategist, Backstage Expert, speaker, entrepreneur, a dreamer and a 'doer' and the founder of Marketing4Actors.  My clients include Broadway Stars, Emmy Award-winners, content creators, musicians, directors, producers, filmmakers and actors just like you.

I'm also a former professional actress, a member of AEA & SAG.  I studied theatre at NYU and worked as a child and an adult actor in both New York and LA.  I’ve had agents and managers, have done voiceovers, print work, television, concerts, commercials and played principal roles in major national & international tours.  I know what it takes to be an actor and I truly understand it's all you ever wanted to do and what you dream about 24/7.

My Mission...

To help actors stop "struggling" or "aspiring", or  being "just another actor" and turn dreamers into 'doers' who make their careers their own.  I will show you step-by-step how to use social media to create more opportunities, build an audience, and make more powerful connections with the people you want to know.

Here are 5 things you probably don’t know about me...

  • I'm from sunny California where I attended the Orange County High School of the Arts
  • I used to own a successful gluten free wholesale bakery & catering business! If you're lucky I'll make you a cookie!
  • I am obsessed with cowboy boots! I have 22 pairs ya'll (also obsessed with coffee.. but that's another story)!
  • I spent a year of my life touring Asia pretending I was 16 going on 17 (even though I was 25 going on 26).
  • I'm mommy to the most beautiful 2 year old girl!

When I was 9 1/2 I wrote "The Life Story of Heidi Dean".... (true story)

Life story of Heidi Dean

When I'm not coaching, writing, or creating fun classes for actors you'll find me hiking, cooking, gardening, playing with my baby girl, hanging with my husband (Acting Coach & Broadway/TV actor) Philip Hernandez and just embracing life!

Thanks for joining the conversation! Can't wait to help you on your journey!

Heidi Dean
Heidi Dean Actor Marketing


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